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10. Сценарий эпизода «Военные байки» (War Stories). Автор: Черри Кейн (Cheryl Cain)

Firefly - "War Stories"

Written by: Cheryl Cain
Directed by: James Contner

Episode #: 1AGE09

SHOOTING SCRIPT: October 16, 2002






ANGLE: A reading of River's brain - shown on a screen in the infirmary. Information runs past it - information gathered in "Ariel".

BOOK (O.S.): Have you ever read the works of Shan: Yu?


Simon is studying the data. Book is as well, though not as close or intently.

SIMON: Shan Yu, the psychotic dictator?

BOOK: Yep. Fancied himself quite the: warrior poet. Wrote volumes on war,: torture... the limits of human: endurance.

SIMON (absorbed in the: screen): That's nice...

BOOK: He said "live with a man 40 years,: share his house, his meals, speak on: every subject. Then tie him up and: hold him over the volcano's edge.: And on that day you will finally meet: the man."

SIMON (looking at his notes: now): What if you don't live near a volcano?

BOOK: I expect he was being poetical.

SIMON: Sadistic crap legitimized by florid: prose. Tell me you're not a fan.

BOOK: I'm just wondering if they were. The: people who did this to River.

Simon actually looks up at that.

SIMON: The government did this to her.

BOOK: A government is a body of people,: usually notably ungoverned.

SIMON: Now you're quoting the Captain.

BOOK: I'm just wondering if they put her: through this just to see how much she: could take. To "truly meet her", as: Shan Yu would have said.

SIMON: No. The more I see, the more I think: their purpose was very specific. (he shows a readout): Look at that. The pattern. Besides,: if all they cared about was hurting: River, they wouldn't still be after: her. This isn't my specialty, but: whatever they were doing, I gotta: figure they were close to succeeding.

BOOK: But she's doing better?

SIMON: I've tried a couple different: medications. She's sleeping better,: but nothing really stable.

We see a shelf full with pills and liquids.

SIMON (cont'd): I'll keep trying - certainly got: enough drugs on hand...

BOOK: Yes, I'd forgotten you're: moonlighting as a criminal mastermind: now. Got your next heist planned?

SIMON: No, but I'm thinking of growing a big: black mustache. I'm a traditionalist.

On that last line, RIVER and KAYLEE run through the background, from the passenger rooms toward the cargo bay. They are laughing, having kid fun as River flees from Kaylee, holding an apple aloft.

KAYLEE: You give that back! I mean it!


The girls rush in and start dodging about the crates.

MAL and INARA are up at the catwalk, in mid-conversation. They look down, but continue on topic:

MAL: I said yes already. Where's the: outstanding issue?

INARA: The Councilor is a very private: person, and I -

MAL: So he visits you here instead of you: going to his place. Fine. Is the: ship not clean enough?

INARA: I just want the Councilor to feel: comfortable. And when I say: comfortable I mean totally alone.

The cries of "that is mine" and "you gotta get it" and the like that have been accompanying the running about downstairs finally gets Mal's attention.

MAL (smiling): Ah, the pitter patter of tiny feet in: huge combat boots. (to the Girls): SHADDAP! (to Inara): There's nobody sets foot on my boat: that I don't meet 'em. Don't worry.: I won't start any swordfights. I'm: over that phase.

INARA: Well, I'd appreciate it if you would: keep the others from ogling.

The girls, who have failed to shut up in any way, have come up the stairs, headed for the bridge. Mal stops them with:

MAL: One of you is gonna fall, and die,: and I'm not cleaning it up.

They are breathless, laughing:

KAYLEE: She took my apple!

INARA: Jayne bought a crate of them.

KAYLEE: And that one's mine!

RIVER: Not any more -

And they're off again, up the stairs -


Into the foredeck hall and then to the dining room. ZOE and WASH sit at the table, Wash eating an apple and Zoe picking one out of a bowl as the girls pass and pitch into the couch area, where they wrassle until Kaylee gets her apple back, holding it victoriously aloft.

KAYLEE: No power in the 'verse can stop me!

She takes a big ol' bite as River goes over to the table to get her own. Wash looks at River affectionately.

WASH: How you doin'?

She smirks, curtsies, takes a bite. Zoe has a knife out, begins methodically cutting her apple into wedges before eating them.

ZOE: These really are the genuine article.: I could get used to being rich.

WASH: It's Jayne being so generous with his: cut that confuses and frightens me.

ZOE: It does kind of freeze the blood.

KAYLEE: Zoe, how come you always cut up your: apples?

WASH: You do?

KAYLEE: Her an' the Captain both, whenever we: get fresh fruit you never just munch: on 'em.

ZOE: Do you know what a Grizwald is?

JAYNE (entering): It's a grenade.

ZOE (shows with fingers): 'Bout the size of a battery.: Responds to pressure. Our platoon: was stuck in a trench outside New: Kasmir during the winter campaign...: More'n'a week, completely cut off and: the Alliance entrenched not ten yards: away. We even got to talking with: 'em, yelling across insults and jokes: and such, 'cause no ammo to speak of,: no orders, what are you gonna do? We: mentioned we were out of rations and: ten minutes later a bunch 'a apples: rained into the trench.

WASH: And they grew into a big tree and: they climbed up the tree into a: magical land with unicorns and a: harp. Honey, there are children: present.

RIVER: Tiny helpless children...

KAYLEE: Blew off their heads, huh?

ZOE: Captain said wait, but they were so: hungry. Don't make much noise, just: little pops and there's three guys: kinda just end at the ribcage.

Mal enters over:

WASH: But these apples are good and: healthsome.

JAYNE (dryly): Yeah, grenades cost extra.

As Mal speaks, he takes an apple, unthinkingly cuts it up.

MAL: We're about 20,000 miles from our: last drop, people. Then we can take: a break, think about spending some of: this money.

A smattering of yays and applause. River looks queasy a moment, shakes it off.

WASH: Could've made more...

MAL: It wasn't a bad idea, Wash, but: eliminating the middleman is never as: simple as it sounds.

Wash looks surprised - looks to Zoe, who looks busted.

WASH: So you heard about my -

MAL: 'Bout 50% of the human race is: middlemen, and they don't take kindly: to being eliminated. This quadrant,: we play nice. Got enemies enough as: it is.


To establish.


NISKA casually watches his TORTURER, a creepy, lethal-looking man, whip what looks like a rusted barbed wire into the chest of an almost unconscious hanging victim.

NISKA (to the torturer): Hold, please. (to the man): So. Now we are past the... uh... the: preliminaries. The little: questions - why you skim from the: protection fund, how you could betray: my trust - this we are past.

The Torturer hands him a horrible looking knife. A beefy minion, DALIN, enters.

NISKA (cont'd): Now we get to the real questions.: About you. About who you truly -

DALIN: I'm sorry, sir.

NISKA: Ach! I get to the heart of the: matter and always interruptions.

DALIN: One of our long ranges picked up a: read on the other side of the world.: Might be Serenity. Malcolm Reynolds': boat.

NISKA: Oh! Oh, this is exciting news! Malcolm Reynolds, I must see him: again! (to the man): If it's any consolation, what I'm: going to do to Captain Reynolds will: make this seem like a bris. (to Dalin): Send a team. The best. Very: exciting.

DALIN: Yes, sir.

Dalin exits, Niska turns back to his man. Comes closer to him.

NISKA: Now. We get to spend some time: finding out about your true self,: yes. Tell me -

He digs in the knife offscreen - the man gasps in pain, unable to scream...

NISKA (cont'd): Are you familiar with the works of: Shan Yu?


Act One


Serenity coming to land on an arid looking desert planet.


As Wash brings her in and shuts her down, he continues a conversation with Zoe that she doesn't much wanna have. Wash's tone is dryly humorous, but he is not actually amused.

WASH: So when you said you didn't get a: chance to tell the captain my idea...

ZOE (little voice): Yeah-huh?

WASH: What you actually meant was that you: told him my idea, he rejected it out: of hand, and you didn't argue the: point or even give it another thought.

ZOE: I gave! Honey, I...

WASH: And then came the lying to me about: it, which for me is sort of the: highlight of this little adventure.

ZOE: Is there any way I can get out of: this with honor and dignity?

WASH: You're pretty much down to ritual: suicide, lambie-toes.

ZOE: I didn't want to upset you.

WASH: What did you think of it?

ZOE: Of what?

WASH: My idea. Call the local MDs, forget: the fence and go to the source.: Better prices, and we know the drugs: get to the right people.

ZOE: Captain thinks it'll get back to: someone, just cause trouble.

WASH: < All the planets in space flushed: into my butt > was I ever not asking: what the captain thought.

ZOE: Well, I tend to agree with him.

WASH: Tend to? Or have to? I love that: you two are old army buddies and have: wacky stories with ribcages in them: but could you have an opinion of your: own please?

ZOE (a bit pissed): You're losing the high ground here,: sweet-cakes.

WASH: I'm sure you and Mal will take that: hill and fortify it with the bodies: of --

ZOE: I thought your plan was too risky.: I. Thought.

WASH: Then tell me! I'm a large, semi-: muscular man, I can take it. Don't: hide behind Mal 'cause you know he'll: shoot it down for you. Tell me.

ZOE: Right, 'cause what this marriage: needs is one more shouting match.

WASH: No, what this marriage needs is one: less husband. (beat): Right now it's kind of crowded.

He exits, leaving her to stew.


Simon enters to find River shaking, very sweaty, sitting on the bed.

SIMON: Whoah! Mei-mei, how are you doing?

RIVER: I threw up.

SIMON: I'm sorry, it's a side effect... We: just have to find the right treatment: for you. How do you feel now?

RIVER: Going. Going back, like the apple: bits coming back up. Chaos.

SIMON: But you felt okay this morning...

RIVER (smiles): Played with Kaylee, the sun came out: and I walked on my feet, heard with: my ears... (crumbling): I hate the bits, the bits that stay: down and I work, I function like I'm: a girl. I hate it because I know: it'll go away, the sun goes dark and: chaos is come again. Bits. Fluids. (really crying now): What am I?

He takes her in her arms, calms her shaking.

SIMON: You're my beautiful sister.

A beat.

RIVER: I threw up on your bed.

SIMON: Yep. Definitely, my sister.

She smiles a little.


Mal and Inara wait near the airlock. Kaylee and Jayne are peeking out the doorway to the passenger dorm. Book sits with a book (not the bible) on the couch.

BOOK: Didn't Inara express a wish for: privacy?

KAYLEE: Oh, we gotta see who she's got! I: bet he's handsome.

JAYNE: You gonna give him a lecture on the: evils of fornicating?

BOOK: Astonishingly enough, I have other: things on my mind.

KAYLEE: Do you think he'll bring her flowers?

Inara shoots a very disapproving look at Kaylee, who shoots her a big grin and a thumbs up.

INARA: Honestly, Mal --

She stops as a tall, handsome MAN in a suit, wearing sunglasses, comes up the ramp.

MAL: Seems a respectable sort.


KAYLEE: Ooh! There he is!

Book pops up, cranes to look from the bottom of the stairs. The man walks around the cargo bay, checking everything. Mal holds his hand out to the man.

MAL: Welcome aboard. I'm Capt --

The man turns away, depresses a mike in his ear.

MAN: We're all clear here, Councilor.

ANGLE ON the ramp as a beautiful, composed woman, the COUNCILOR, 30's, comes up the ramp. Inara walks over to her smiling, takes the woman's hands in her own in greeting. Mal doesn't move.

MAL: Huh.

Inara links her arm through the Councilor's, leads her toward the stairs.


Are surprised.

BOOK: Oh my.

KAYLEE: Well, gosh, I knew she took female: clients but... They look so: glamorous together...

A beat, as they all watch.

JAYNE: I'll be in my bunk.

Jayne turns, goes back toward the aft stairs.



Zoe and Mal are getting her ready to go. Zoe is having trouble working the controls. Mal is securing the crate o' drugs.

MAL: Bolles is ready and waiting.: Lucrative as this stuff is, I'll be: glad to see the last of it. Kinda: makes us a target --

ZOE (interrupting): Did River get in here, start playing: around? Ignition sequence is: completely turned about. I can't: even --

WASH (entering): I can.

MAL: Get it set, okay? We got to be: moving.

WASH: Here's a funny twist: no.

MAL: No what?

WASH: No Sir.

ZOE: You changed the sequence?

WASH (to Zoe): Didn't want you taking off without: me. In fact, didn't want you taking: off at all. Thought maybe I'd take: this run instead. Me and the captain.

MAL: The captain who's standing right here: telling you that's not gonna happen?

WASH: Well, it's a dangerous mission, Sir,: and I can't stand the thought of: something happening that might cause: you two to come back with another: thrilling tale of bonding and: adventure. I just can't take that: right now.

MAL: Okay, I'm lost, I'm angry, and I'm: armed. If you two have something to: work out --

ZOE: It's all right. We've dealt with: Bolles before, shouldn't be a: problem. I wouldn't mind sitting: this one out, sir.

Beat, Mal looking at both of them.

MAL: This is < a knot of self indulgent: lunacy > but I don't have time to: unwind it. Wash, get her started.: Zoe, the ship is yours.

Wash and Zoe pass each other. She's pissed, but not overly so. They're about on a par, actually, but he smiles at her.

WASH: Bye hon. We promise not to stop for: beers with the fellahs.

She shuts the door behind her. Mal moves into the copilot seat as Wash whirrs her up for lift off.

WASH (cont'd): So. You wanna sing army songs, or: something?


As the shuttle lifts off, it crosses over Serenity, taking the camera to the first shuttle, on which we zoom...





Inara massages oil onto the naked back of the Councilor, who's lying on her stomach on Inara's bed, eyes closed with pleasure. Filmy sheets cover what needs to be covered. Inara's in an off-the-shoulder silky dress, tied at the shoulder with a ribbon.

COUNCILOR: That feels amazing. Oh, right there.: Perfect. (sighs): I should've done this weeks ago.

INARA (flirty): I wouldn't have been here weeks ago.

COUNCILOR: And that would've been a shame.

INARA: For me as well... you have such: beautiful skin...

The Councilor turns on her side, looks at Inara.

COUNCILOR: There's no need for the show, Inara.: I just need to relax with someone: who's making no demands on me.

The Councilor starts to lay back down again. Inara stops her with a hand on her shoulder. The Councilor sits up, facing Inara, curious.

INARA: Most of my clientele is male, do you: know that?


INARA: If I choose a woman, she tends to be: extraordinary in some way. And the: fact is, I occasionally have the: exact same need you do. One cannot: always be one's self in the company: of men.

COUNCILOR: Never, actually.

INARA: So no show. Let's just enjoy: ourselves.

Beat. The Councilor raises her hand, caresses Inara's face.

COUNCILOR (hushed): You are so lovely...

Inara smiles, leans into her. The Councilor kisses her; a soft, sexy kiss. Inara deepens it by placing her hand behind the Councilor's head.

The Councilor reaches up to the ribbon on Inara's shoulder, unties it. We see from the back as Inara's dress slithers down...



Shuttle II soars over the barren terrain. Cool desertscape passing by below them.


Wash flies. Mal in the seat next to him.

WASH: So, not a man?

MAL: Not so much.

A beat.

WASH: Damn.

MAL: I mean, I knew her clientele was...: varied...

WASH: Yeah, but, I mean, you know... damn.

MAL: Yeah.


MAL (cont'd): Look, this thing with you and Zoe --

WASH: Really not looking to talk on that: topic.

MAL: Hey, I let that < cow dung > trick of: yours slide 'cause this is a milk run.: But I go on a mission, I'm taking Zoe: and that's the drill. You know that.: Suppose we get into a situation here.

WASH: Hey, I've been in a firefight before.: Well, I was in a fire. Actually, I: was fired, from a frycook: opportunity -- I can handle myself.

MAL: And you understand what Zoe's job: entails.

WASH: I'll learn as I go.



The ship behind them, Mal and Wash are walking down the ridge.

WASH: So, now I'm learning about carrying.


At the bottom of the ridge, Mal and Wash meet up with a large man, BOLLES, their contact. He has two men flanking him.

BOLLES: That it?

MAL: As described. The money?

BOLLES: Open it, first.

Wash uses his knife to pry open the box. Bolles looks in, sees the medicine.

BOLLES (cont'd): Nice to know you're still trustworthy.

MAL: Not so trustworthy that I don't want: to see that money you promised me.

Bolles reaches into his jacket, pulls out a pouch. Tosses it to Mal.

BOLLES (shaking his head): Can't believe you knocked over an: Alliance hospital. The pair you have.

MAL: Stuff legends are --

Mal stops because there's a red laser dot on Bolles forehead.

MAL (cont'd): < Damn it! >

A SHOT rings out, and Bolles drops, dead. Just as Mal drags Wash to the ground, two more dots appear on Bolles' men's foreheads. BANG. BANG. They drop, also dead.

Mal and Wash lying on the ground. Their bodies covered in laser sights as several men in desert camouflage, holding rifles, approach. Wash looks over at Mal, a bit freaked.

WASH: Now I'm learning about scary.

Off Mal's look;


Act Two


Book works out at the bench press. Jayne stands over him, spots him. Jayne's attention wanders at the sound of GIGGLING. He glances over to see --


have emerged from Inara's shuttle. They look like bestest buddies, laughing and giggling together as they descend the stairs. Inara's showing her out. Jayne can't take his eyes off this, his imagination fueled.

Book's struggling a bit with a heavy loaded dumbbell. Jayne's looking off as --

-- Inara kisses the Councilor sweetly on the cheek. The women embrace. The councilor exits.

Inara turns back, catches Jayne's eye, then moves off. Book struggles with the weights. Without looking, Jayne easily grabs the bar, deposits it in the holder.

JAYNE: I'll be in my bunk.

He turns to go. But now Zoe appears.

ZOE: Jayne -- grab your weapon.

Book gives a raised-eyebrow look that says, "funny you should put it that way." The double entendre goes right past Jayne.

JAYNE: Why? What's going on?

ZOE: Maybe nothing. Maybe trouble.

JAYNE: The drop?

ZOE (she nods): They're late. Shoulda been back: more'n an hour ago.

BOOK: You try to radio them?

ZOE (shakes her head "no"): Errand such as this, captain always: orders radio silence until the deal's: made. If there was trouble... he: shoulda been the one to break it.

JAYNE: That's if he could...

That hangs there.

ZOE (to Jayne): We go by ground. We'll take the mule.

Jayne nods, starts to go, but pauses as Book says to Zoe:

BOOK: I'll go with you.

ZOE: No offense, Shepherd -- but I sure as: hell hope they don't need a preacher.

BOOK: Three sets of eyes'll be better'n: two. Might see something you don't.

Zoe and Book hold a look. Finally, Zoe nods.

ZOE: Let's move.



Shuttle II can be seen sitting up on the ridge. We PULL BACK... the Mule is parked down here. Now, in the foreground, Zoe turns over a DEAD BODY. It is:

ZOE: Bolles.

Jayne turns over another body.

JAYNE: None of 'ems ours.

Book examines one of the dead men.

BOOK: This is precision work.: Sharpshooters. From the look of: these wounds, I'd say a 54R sniper: rifle. Laser sights.

Jayne looks at Book, suspicious/curious.

JAYNE: You do a lot of shootin' at the: abbey, Shepherd?

BOOK: Rabbits.

JAYNE: For stew. Sure.

ZOE: Whoever did this... they weren't: after the goods.

She knows this because she's indicating the spilled box of stolen meds.

BOOK: No. They were after our people.

JAYNE (indicates terrain): Laid in wait. Patient under this: sun. Triangular formation. probably: trenched in -- there. Maybe... (sees something): -- there. (then): We ain't gonna find 'em here.: They're off planet already.

Book and Zoe join him -- look where he's looking: down a ridge to a BLACKENED SCORCH MARK in the distance.

JAYNE (cont'd): Only one kinda transport I know: leaves that kinda mark.

ZOE: Fast burn rocket shuttle.

BOOK: Craft like that wouldn't commonly be: part of a ship. More likely we're: looking at--

ZOE: A space station. (then): I know who's got them...



Shuttles dock, ships fly around this busy skyplex.


BAM! Mal and Wash, blindfolded and hands tied, are shoved with force into the torture room by some GOONS. The GOONS exit, shutting the heavy door behind them. After a beat.

MAL: You okay?

WASH: I think I've been kidnapped.

MAL: Yeah.

WASH: You see where we are?

MAL: No.

Wash listens, tries to get a bead.

WASH: It's not a ship. I don't think we're: traveling.

MAL: Good to know...

WASH: What in the name of god is that smell?

MAL (lies): Could be anything. Try not to think: about it.

WASH: Okay. I'll just... I'll stop: breathing. Mal, what the hell is: going on?

MAL: Not sure exactly.

WASH: But you've got some theories.

MAL: Still working it through.

WASH: I don't want you to spare me, Mal.: If you think you know what's: happening, then you tell me. You: wouldn't spare Zoe if she were here: with you, would you?

MAL: Well...

WASH: That's right. You'd be conferring: and planning and plotting and: possibly scheming. So whatever Zoe: would do in this instance is what I: want to do. And you know why? (before Mal can speak): Because no matter how ugly it gets,: you two always come back. With the: stories. So I'm Zoe. Now. What do: I do?

MAL: Probably not talk quite so much.

WASH: Right. Less talking. She's terse.: I can be terse. Once, in flight: school, I was laconic. (beat, nothin'): If I'm not gonna talk, then you have: to. What else?

MAL: Just gotta keep our heads.

WASH: Right. Keep our heads. That way: we'll be able to, you know, keep our: heads. You and Zoe been in plenty of: situations like this before, right?

MAL: Many a time.

WASH: Many a time. You and Zoe...

MAL: Once we know who it was took us...

WASH: Zoe and you. Together in a tricky...: Mal, she's my wife.

MAL: Hunh?

WASH: What gives you the right to put her: in a dangerous situation like this?

MAL: I didn't.

WASH: You did!

MAL: She ain't here, Wash.

WASH: No, but she would have been!

MAL: Okay, but...

WASH: It never really hit me until... well: until I got hit. And blindfolded and: kidnapped and this smell is burning: my nostrils...

MAL: Wash...

WASH: I mean, I'm the one she swore to: love, honor and obey!

Mal's about to fire back, but does a take with:

MAL: She swore to obey?

WASH: Well, no. Not... But that's my: point! You she obeys! She obeys: you! There's obeying happening right: under my nose'

MAL: Zoe and I have a history. She trusts: me.

WASH: What's that supposed to mean?

MAL: Don't mean a thing. You're making: out like Zoe just blindly follows my: every word, and that ain't true.

WASH: Sure it is.

MAL: Not so. There've been plenty of: orders of mine she didn't obey.

WASH: Name one!

MAL: She married you.

Wash does a take, looks over at Mal. Well, turns his head at any rate, what with the blindfold thing.

They both react now as the door opens. They hear someone entering. Mal's blindfold is ripped off -- he reacts to the sight of --


standing there. Grinning. It's your basic "oh, shit" moment.

MAL (cont'd): < Mother humping son of a bitch. >

WASH (still blindfolded): What?


Money of varying denominations being dumped on the table. Book, Simon and Inara are there, all pitching in. Zoe is gathering it up, shoving it all into a canvas bag. Kaylee appears, adds her share to the kitty.

KAYLEE: Here's all I got left.

ZOE: Thanks. (calling): Jayne!

BOOK: How do you know he won't just grab: you, as well?

ZOE: Don't think that's like to happen, I: walk in there unarmed, make the: offer. Niska has his own code,: twisted as it may be. Very excited: about "reputation." He'll see: reason.

INARA: Reason? He's a gangster. The money: he paid you for that other job, it: was already returned to him.

JAYNE (appearing): Could be he's harboring some: resentment at us for putting his man: through our engine.

Jayne tosses some money onto the table. Zoe glances at it, grabs it up, then looks to the others.

ZOE: Wait a reasonable amount of time...: But if you don't hear back, you take: Serenity and you get out of this: quadrant. This don't play out right,: there's no guarantee he wouldn't come: looking for the rest of you.



Mal and Wash are both strapped to semi-vertical torture boards, their shirts ripped open and electrodes attached to their skin. The Torturer presides. Niska is here.

As we come into the scene, Mal's body seizes in pain as ELECTRICITY surges through him. Niska nods to the Torturer who turns down the dial. Once the latest surge subsides:

MAL (with some difficulty): I'm not... gonna say it... (turns to Wash): ... again. Shipboard romance: complicates things.

WASH: For who? For you?

MAL: For everyone.

WASH: Yeah? Well, what about lo -- (electric surge): ...VEAAAHH!

MAL (fighting the pain): Ain't against it as a rule. But in: a situation such as ours, tends to: cause problems. Splits loyalties.

WASH (hmmmph): Know what I think?

MAL: What?

NISKA: I hire you to do job...

Niska nods. Another jolt for the both of them.

NISKA (cont'd): Job does not get done...

Wash is totally dazed by the pain. Mal strains to see him, get him to focus. Ignores Niska totally.

MAL (prodding): What? What do you think, Wash? 'cause I'm interested.

WASH: Huh?

NISKA: You make lie of my reputation...

MAL (to Wash): You were gonna say something to me.: What was it?

WASH (woozily): Wha -- ? Oh. This "policy" you got: against shipboard relationships...: that's just you projecting your own: intimacy issues onto everyone else.

NISKA: I show you my reputation is no lie.: Is truth --

MAL: Yeah? Well that's just downright: insightful. It surely is.

Niska nods to Torturer -- big ZAP. Wash coughs (maybe some blood?) Looks for a second like he doesn't know where he is;

MAL (cont'd): Or, could be it's a mite simpler than: that. Could be I just don't think: you're good enough for Zoe.

WASH (finally registers): I don't give a good gorram what you: think.

MAL: Don't you?


MAL: See, I think you do care. Think you: care quite a lot.

WASH: You're wrong.

Niska nods. Pains ensues. Wash blinks helplessly and confusedly at Niska and Torturer. Mal presses on:

MAL: You know me and Zoe got a history --: and I figure you gotta be asking: yourself some fairly fundamental: questions about the nature of that: history...

Wash laughs weakly to himself, isn't buying it.

WASH: You never slept with my wife.

MAL: You know that for a fact, do you? You ever ask her?

More electricity. Mal rebounds. Wash not so much.

MAL (cont'd): We were together good long time: before you come around, Wash. And: she is a damn fine lookin' woman.

Wash rallies enough sass to respond, despite his weakening condition:

WASH: Never happened... know how I know?

MAL: How. Tell me, Wash.

WASH: The whole "captain" thing isn't Zoe's: trouble. It's the guy-she-never-: slept-with thing. Hell, Mal -- I: wish you had slept with her! Then at: least she'd be over it!

MAL: You want me to sleep with her? That: make you feel better?

WASH: It might!

MAL: Imagine it'd do wonders for her, too.

WASH: Screw you!

MAL: Get in line.

ZAAAAP! Wash starts to go. He's cracking, starts to pass out, maybe never to come back.

MAL (cont'd): Okay. Gonna do it, then. Wash? Wash! First thing, we get back --: I'm taking your wife into my bed.: Gonna get me a piece'a --

Wash's eyes SNAP OPEN he lets out a PRIMAL YELL. Mal relaxes -- then Mal is screaming too as the VOLTAGE SURGES. Off their screams --


Shuttle II pulls into the skyplex, begins to dock.


Zoe pilots the shuttle as it lurches, indicating that it has latched onto the skyplex.

Zoe steels herself, rises, moves to the door/airlock. Pushes open the door revealing --


-- Goons and guns. Lots of them. Zoe's already got her hands in the air, one of them holding the canvas bag. Even as goons rush her --

ZOE: I'm unarmed.

They frisk her. Take the bag, look at it.

ZOE (cont'd): I want to talk to Niska.

Off that --


SCREAMS. Niska watches with pleasure. Mal and Wash both breathing hard from the pain of the last bit of torture. It's a pause in the action. Dalin appears, whispers something to Niska. Niska listens, motions for the torturer to hold. Nods to Dalin, who exits.

NISKA (to Mal): You will not mind if I pause to do a: little business?

MAL: Knock yourself out. No, really.


The armed henchmen escort Zoe through the skyplex. Zoe paying close attention to every detail of her surroundings. The corridor has large windows along the side that look out onto the factory.

They arrive at Niska's door, where a couple more armed henchmen await. The door opens. WE MOVE INTO --


We're in Zoe's POV as the full horror of it is revealed. She sees Mal and Wash both there, restrained and in pain. She tries to stifle her reaction. They don't note her yet: Mal is whispering something to the droopy-eyed Wash.

Dalin has given the bag of money over to Niska, who looks at it. Takes in the amount. Now Wash blinks through his haze, seeing Zoe there. Mal follows his look to her --

WASH (muttering): No, no, no... run, run...

She ignores him, looks away, to Niska.

ZOE: It's five times what you paid us for: the train job.

NISKA: Yes. You have had, you say it, good: times... I see that.

ZOE: Should be more than enough to buy: back my men.

NISKA: This is your opinion, is it?

ZOE: It is.

NISKA: They are perhaps damaged now. Are: they worth so much to you?

ZOE: Yes.

NISKA: And to me... they are worth more. I: think it is not enough.

Zoe clenches her jaw muscles. Fucker's not going for it.

NISKA (cont'd): Not enough for two. But sufficient,: perhaps, for one.

She looks at him. Sees where this is going.

NISKA (cont'd): So you now have a question to make an: answer. It is for you, pretty lady,: and only you, now to ch--

ZOE (cuts him off): Him.

She points at Wash. Niska's a bit thrown.

ZOE (cont'd): I'm sorry. You were going to ask me: to choose, right? Didja wanna finish?

Off Niska, open-mouthed, still back at the not-being-able-to- get-his-sentence-out moment --


Act Three


WASH FALLS INTO FRAME, dropping hard onto his knees in front of Zoe. She helps him shakily to his feet. Niska eyes the money. Waves a dismissive hand at them.

NISKA: He is yours. We are ended now.

WASH (whispers, desperate): Mal...

He tries to look over at Mal, Zoe takes him gently by the chin, turns his head back to her

ZOE (in his eyes): Shhh. Start walkin'.

He obeys. She turns to go, leading Wash.

NISKA: A moment, please. This money...

Zoe stops, turns -- are they going to have a problem now?

NISKA (cont'd): There is too much. You should have: some small refund.

ZOE (tries to move): Keep it.

NISKA: No, no, no. I insist. (to Torturer, in: Czech): They have enough for a slice. (to Zoe, in English): I wouldn't want the talk to be that: Adelai Niska is a cheat.

The torturer has picked up a knife, moved to Mal -- and SLICES Mal's ear clean off. Mal SCREAMS in agony. The torturer puts the ear in a clear baggie, hands it to Zoe, who remains impassive, despite Mal's ROARS OF PAIN.

NISKA (cont'd): Now we are ended.

Dismissed, Zoe and Wash move for the door, their backs turned to Mal, as his SCREAMS REVERBERATE in the small room.


Zoe and Wash move through Niska's office, away from the sound of Mal's continued HOWLING. The door to the torture room slides shut, only slightly muffling the sound. They exit.


Zoe and Wash enter. The moment the door closes, Wash basically collapses. Zoe manages to guide him down to his knees. And she sinks right along with him. He's stunned, staggered, his mind still back in that room. She looks at him with a mixture of relief, worry and, goddamn it -- love.

WASH: He's insane.

ZOE: I know it.

WASH: I mean... you've told the damn: stories. Saved you in the war. But: I... I didn't know...

ZOE: You mean Mal?

Wash nods.

WASH: He's crazy.

She looks at him, not sure if he's in shock or making any sense at all.

WASH (cont'd): He wouldn't break, Zoe. And he kept: me from... I wouldn't have made it.

She tries to hold it together. Touches his face.

WASH (cont'd): Niska's gonna kill him.

ZOE: He'll make it last as long as: possible. Days, if he can.

A look of stoic resolve crosses Wash's face. He rises shakily but surely to his feet --

WASH: Bastard's not gonna get days.

-- and moves to the pilot's seat of the shuttle. Off Zoe, watching her pilot husband fire up the shuttle --


Shuttle II flies in, reattaches to the ship.


Zoe and Wash emerge from the shuttle. Wash in the lead.

BOOK: Thank God you're safe.

SIMON (to Wash): Let me take a look. How: bad is it?

KAYLEE: You okay? What happened?

WASH (pulling away from: Simon): I'm fine.





INARA: Where's Mal?

ZOE: Niska wouldn't let him go.

Wash pushes past everyone, still steely-resolve guy, heads for the stairs.

INARA: Is he alive?

ZOE: For now.

She moves to follow Wash. As she goes, she hands Simon the baggie with the ear.

ZOE (cont'd): Take that to the infirmary, put it on: ice.

KAYLEE: What is it?

SIMON: It's his ear.

Inara, Kaylee and Book recoil, noticeably sickened. Simon looks at it, his head tilted.

BOOK (pissed): < Filthy fornicators of livestock! >

ZOE: We're getting him back.

JAYNE: What are we gonna do, clone 'im?

SIMON (re: the ear;: clinically): It's a clean cut. With the right: equipment, I should be able to: reattach it. (looks at them, also: clinically): That's assuming there's a head.

But Wash and Zoe aren't there anymore to answer that. Off the perplexed and worried looks, with emphasis on Inara, whose mind is racing --


Mal grits and bears the pain. The torturer is near him, working at his body somewhere BELOW CAMERA. What he's doing is left to our imagination.

NISKA: Do you know the writings of Shan Yu?

MAL: We're starting a book club? What? Are you trying to torture me?

The torturer reapplies his torment sporadically as they speak.

NISKA: Yes, today I meet you... and you are: quite a man. (Mal cries out again): An extraordinary man. Yes. But these: are not times for extraordinary men.: Business is not war. Heroics, they: are unseemly. They complicate.

Niska walks across the room to a standing cart, starts wheeling it towards the torturer.

NISKA (cont'd): For you I have special machine. Very: precious.

The torturer reaches in, pulls out a thick mechanical hose with an opening like a lamprey's mouth at the end. The torturer hands the device to Niska, who holds it close to Mal's face so that he can see its many sharp metal teeth. It's a rather nasty, ugly looking device. Niska practically strokes it.

MAL: And they say people don't look like: their pets...

Niska hands the device to the torturer, who moves to attach the mouth to Mal's chest.

NISKA: Let's see if we can't learn more: about you.

The device WHIRS TO LIFE. The mouth attaches itself to Mal, writhing metallic tendrils shooting out from its jagged teeth, burrowing under his flesh, creeping outwards from the skin on his chest down to his nether regions and up to his head. As Mal SCREAMS --



The idyll of a lavish country house, to establish.


Inara waits in the foyer of this opulent home, uncomfortable about being here. The Councilor is sitting, a bit blindsided by Inara's presence. Imperious -- but also a bit nervous.

COUNCILOR: This is an unwarranted imposition.: You are in my home. It belittles: both our stations to --

INARA: A man will die, horribly, if I do not: act. I apologize for my conduct, but: as a member of the world council you: cannot be unaware of what Adelai: Niska is.

COUNCILOR: His skyplex is beyond our: jurisdiction. I really must ask: that --

HUSBAND (O.S.): Sweetie, we're looking for: Maynard's elephant...

The councilor's very vanilla HUSBAND enters with a young boy, their son. The Husband sees Inara as he kisses the Councilor on the head. He regards Inara with benign irritation.

HUSBAND: We're taking solicitors at the house? I thought you promised...

The councilor blanches, moves to speak --

INARA: Forgive me. I imposed on a mutual: acquaintance for the audience. I: appreciate your position, Councilor.: Goodnight.

Inara, now getting the Councilor's coldness, exits.


Inara descends the steps to the house.

COUNCILOR (O.S.): Inara --

Inara stops as the Councilor approaches.

COUNCILOR: You had me in an awkward situation,: you didn't press your advantage.

INARA: I'd never take advantage of a: client's confidence.

COUNCILOR: I... I appreciate it. I'm just sorry: I can't do more to help you.

INARA (temper rising): Then do more -- help me. The Council: can claim jurisdiction over Niska's: Skyplex--

COUNCILOR: A year ago, maybe, but Niska's: become... he's bought off most of the: Council. I'd be in the minority and: on my way to the grave. I wish --

INARA (leaving): I haven't time to wish.

COUNCILOR: I thought Companions weren't allowed: to take lovers.

Inara stops one last time.

INARA: He's not my lover.

COUNCILOR: He must be an extraordinary captain,: then.


A stash of weapons -- guns, knives, grenades -- is laid out on the dining room table. Zoe and Wash are strapping on as many as they can. Jayne leans against the doorway, watching this lunacy.

ZOE: Here. Six shots, then just drop it.: Keep moving.

He nods, adds it to his arsenal. Wash is still recovering, but ignoring any lingering shakiness -- he's all about the resolve still.

JAYNE: This here's suicide. You do know: that, right?

Wash picks up a knife --

WASH: Worth taking?

ZOE (chooses a different: one): I'd go with something like this.

He takes her choice. Sheaths it.

JAYNE: You really think you can mount a two-: man frontal assault on Niska's: skyplex and live?

WASH: Technically it's a one-man/one-woman: assault. A unisex. (to Zoe): Grenades?

ZOE: Oh, yes. Thank you, dear.

He hands her some flash grenades. She puts them in her belt.

ZOE (cont'd) (to Jayne): They won't be expecting it.

JAYNE: Right. 'cause they ain't insane!

Kaylee enters from the bridge --

KAYLEE: Just got a wave from Inara. No luck : with the... Councilor... (to Jayne): What're they doing?

JAYNE: Fixin' to get themselves killed.

ZOE: We're goin' to get the captain.

KAYLEE: Oh. Good! (then, aside to Jayne): Can they do that?


WASH: There's a certain motto Jayne. A: creed among folk like us, you may: have heard it: Leave no man behind.

JAYNE: Suicide.


Simon sits on his bunk. River appears at the door.

RIVER: You're not responsible. It's not: your fault.

SIMON: What?

RIVER: You think because it was your idea to: steal that medicine, and because it: happened when he was out there trying: to sell it, that's why he got took. (confused beat,: trying again): Taken. (no. beat): Abducted. The captain was abducted.

There, she got the grammar right. She smiles at him, looking for his approval. He smiles back.



Zoe leads Wash into the cargo bay.

ZOE: Got a good look at the layout on my: way in last time. You let me lead,: cover my... back.

Zoe trails off when she sees Kaylee, Simon and Book at the already open weapons locker. All of them arming themselves.

ZOE (cont'd): What's this?

SIMON: We're going with you.

KAYLEE: Like you said -- if it were any one: of us, Captain wouldn't hesitate.

Book holds up a large rifle.

BOOK: This should do.

ZOE: Preacher, don't the Bible got some: pretty specific things to say about: killing?

SIMON: Quite specific. It is, however,: somewhat fuzzier on the subject of: kneecaps.

Zoe shakes her head, but she's touched.

ZOE: Alright, then. If you're looking for: me to talk you out of it...

CHUK-CHUK. From above, the sound of a large gun being cocked.

The gang looks up in unison -- on the catwalk stands Jayne, Vera in hand, an assortment of guns and knives tucked into every available nook and cranny in his clothing. He's like Space Rambo. They all stare. He's a bit self conscious.

JAYNE: What?

Zoe smiles.

ZOE: Let's go get the captain.

Off this triumphant moment:


The screams have stopped. The Torturer pokes limp Mal twice. Poke, poke. No response. He turns to Niska.

TORTURER: Yep. He's dead.



Act Four


CLOSE UP ON Two CARDIAC INFUSERS as they press into human flesh and fire with buzzing voltage -- QUICK TILT UP to Mal's face as his body bucks, convulsing back to life.

Eyes still closed, Mal's head lolls as consciousness returns. He's been taken down from the steel plank he was shackled to, and lies out on a table. The torturer puts the infusers down and touches two fingers against Mal's neck, checking his pulse.

Niska stands nearby, sipping cognac from a snifter. The torturer turns to him and nods.

NISKA: Good, good...

The tendril device has been removed from Mal's chest. The torturer gives its toothed nozzle a shake, and Mal's blood spatters off it. He goes to the array of TORTURE DEVICES, looking them over.

Niska steps up to Mal, dips his fingers into his cognac and flicks the alcohol at the flat hell of Mal's severed ear.

NISKA (cont'd): Mr. Reynolds.

Mal stirs at the pain, coming-to a little bit more, though his eyes stay closed through all the following dialogue:

MAL: [weak groan]

NISKA: You died, Mr. Reynolds.

MAL (groggy): Seemed like the thing to do.

The torturer holds up a DEVICE. Niska shakes his head.

NISKA: When you die, I can't hurt you: anymore. And I want two days at: least. Minimum.

The torturer holds up another WICKED IMPLEMENT, and Niska shakes his head.

NISKA (cont'd): I think many people know the name: Malcolm Reynolds. Many know he crossed: Niska. They must know what happened: after that.

The torturer holds up another IMPLEMENT, and Niska nods.

NISKA (cont'd): They must know that business is still: running.

Mal looks up, sees the implement, and closes his eyes again, turning away slightly. He's losing his fight, bit by bit.


Serenity cruises into frame, a black silhouette heading for the skyplex. The ship's lights are out, and its engines are dead.


Wash sits in the pilot chair, his arms crossed. Jayne and Zoe stand behind him. It's dark in the bridge too. The only light comes from the skyplex, which grows larger in their windows.

JAYNE: Think this'll work?

WASH: Well, except for the comm static I'm: piping out on all frequencies, we've: been completely powered down since I: fired our attitude thrusters half an: hour ago -- We should come up on: their screens as a radar glitch, if: they aren't looking too close...

JAYNE: And what if they're lookin' too close?

WASH (shrugs): Hell, I'm just glad we're on course.

JAYNE (unsatisfied grunt)

ZOE: It's like throwing a dart, Jayne --: and hitting a bull's eye six thousand: miles away. (smiles at Wash, puts: hand on his shoulder): That's my man.

WASH: You guys should get down to the bay.: We'll be at their front door in less: than a minute.

Wash starts hitting switches, getting ready to power up. Jayne exits. Zoe leans in and kisses Wash on the cheek.

WASH (cont'd): I'll be right behind you, baby.


Powered down; dark. By the light of a lantern, Book finishes affixing some kind of gas tank to the front of the MULE, which is positioned in the middle of the cargo bay, facing the door. Zoe and Jayne enter the bay from above.

ZOE: Book, you good?

BOOK: Yes ma'am. Ready when you are.

ZOE: Kaylee, how we doing on that over-: ride sequence?

Kaylee is by the ramp door, working on a BATTERY-POWERED KEYBOARD wired into a control pad on the wall. Simon holds a flashlight on her.

KAYLEE: Pretty sure this will pop their: airlock doors, if Wash can make a: seal on his first try...

JAYNE: You know, I'm smellin' a lot of 'If': comin' offa this plan.

Zoe smiles at Jayne -- she knows he's in this for the whole haul.

ZOE: Coulda stayed in your bunk.

JAYNE (smiles back): Coulda, woulda, shoulda...

He cocks a shell into Vera's chamber, as the LIGHTS COME ON and we hear Serenity POWERING UP.

Wash comes running down into the bay, carrying his gun.

WASH: We're set--

Simon and Kaylee lift up SMOKE CANISTERS, ready to pull their pins.

ZOE: OK, people-- (cocks her gun): If it moves, shoot it.

KAYLEE: Unless it's the captain.

ZOE (nods, all business): Unless it's the captain.


It's the same spot where Zoe entered earlier. Niska's radar operator reads a magazine, feet up on his counter. His MONITOR SCREEN flashes with static, until it doesn't, and we see the front of Serenity filling screen, hurtling forward.

A PROXIMITY ALERT buzzes, and he sits forward, just as his booth rocks with the impact of Serenity. On his screen we see the first set of airlock door slide open. PAN OFF HIM to the airlock, through his windows. The cargo ramp begins to fall open, as SMOKE BELCHES OUT of it, into the airlock, obscuring his view. He hits an ALARM.


Niska looks up at the ALARM. Mal, in pain, looks up too.

MAL: Listen, if you got guests, I can come: back later--


The ALARM still blares. THREE OF NISKA'S MEN arrive, guns out, just as the airlock door opens. The smoke has settled somewhat, and rolls out in a hip-high blanket. An OS MOTOR REVS and the Mule ROARS down the hazy ramp toward them. Niska's men OPEN FIRE on the Mule, their bullets hitting the tank strapped to its front, which EXPLODES, taking out the men.

Zoe, Jayne, and Wash come out from either side of the cargo door and march down the ramp. Wash is wincing, walking stiffly, still pained by his torture session.

Inside his booth, the radar man pulls a gun out from under his counter. Jayne swings Vera at him and fires. The GLASS separating the radar man from the airlock SHATTERS and he sails back, caught by Jayne's shot.

More of NISKA'S MEN pile through the lefthand door leading out of the entry room. Zoe levels her rifle and fires. The lead guy drops and the other three back into the cover offered by the doorway. Zoe pulls a GRENADE from her belt, arms and tosses it.

It bounces of the doorway's edge into the corridor beyond and EXPLODES. One of the two men hiding there falls out into the entry room, CHARRED and SMOKING.

Zoe hits the wall next to the doorway, Jayne rolls to its far edge, covering the curved corridor with Vera.

ZOE: Second team!

Book, Simon, and Kaylee come down the ramp, weapons out.

ZOE (cont'd): Hold this position. We lose this: ground, we lose it all.

She nods to Wash and Jayne, who move into the corridor, taking cover behind struts.

She's about to go, but turns and eyes Kaylee, Simon, and Book for a quick beat. They sure as hell ain't soldiers.

ZOE (cont'd): You're going to hold this ground,: understand me? That's an order.

The far door opens and one of NISKA'S MEN storms for them, gun raised. In a flash, before even Zoe gets a bead on him, Book fires from the hip, hitting the guy in the KNEECAP.

He pitches forward with a SCREAM, his face smashing into the side of the Mule -- out cold.

Book turns to Zoe, calm and ready.

BOOK: Understood.

ZOE (nodding): OK then.


Zoe strides forward, past Wash and Jayne, who cover her from either side. A group of GUNMEN run around the curving corridor towards them, the front two blasted back by Zoe's rifle. Zoe dashes to the side as the rest return fire.



Mal looks unconscious again. Niska and the torturer turn from him, looking toward the office, listening to the OS FIRE- FIGHT. Niska hits an intercom.

NISKA: Dalin-- What is this? Dalin--

Mal opens his eyes, seeing their backs.

The torturer, looking on as Niska hits the intercom button again, suddenly arches his back, SCREAMING. We hear the SOUND OF THE TENDRIL DEVICE firing its tendrils out. He claws at his back -- turning to show us that the tendril device has sunk its teeth into him, through his jacket (so we don't need any prosthetics).

He drops out of frame, revealing Mal, on his feet. Niska shrinks back in surprise.

Mal BACKHANDS him across the face. The old man crumples onto the steps up to his office, mouth bloody, arm up, defending feebly. Mal shuffles toward him, in pretty bad shape, but standing.

MAL (low, burning rage): Looks like business ain't running so: much as crawling away... (deadly): You wanna meet the "real me" now...?


Zoe, Jayne and Wash continue their firefight, pressing forward down the corridor. A bullet GRAZES Jayne's side.

JAYNE (just pissed): Ow, gorram it--

Zoe (who is BLEEDING from a few FLESH WOUNDS herself) empties a rifle into the guy who shot Jayne. She drops it, and rolls behind the cover of a corridor strut. She pulls twin HANDGUNS from cross-strapped shoulder holsters and pivots back into the fray, firing.



Book covers on the door to the entry room; he's got A GUNMAN pinned down with his fire, a distance down the corridor. He peers out and Book shoots, hitting the guy's hand. He screams, dropping his gun.

SIMON: Book-- We, uh--

Simon and Kaylee cover the opposite door, and Simon starts firing as GUNMEN head down it toward them. Book rushes over and shoots too.

Kaylee, however, holds her gun shakily, unable to fire. She backs away, wincing as gunmen pitch to the floor under the hail of Simon and Book's fire.

She can't do it.

More GUNMEN come, through the door Book was covering before he went to Simon's aid. They fire at Book and Simon, who manage to dodge into the corridor, using the return of the doorway as cover, but are now pinned between two groups of men.

Kaylee lowers her gun, backing towards the ramp, terrified, paralyzed.

Simon and Book have their hands full, firing down the corridor at two remaining GUNMEN.

Others slink in through the opposite door. Book fires on them, and they scatter, firing back. Book has to take cover.

THREE OF THEM see Kaylee on the ramp and fire on her, moving in towards Serenity. She darts behind the cover of the cargo bay doorway, as bullets SPARK off its metal hull.


Kaylee stifles sobs, clutching the gun to her chest as the gunmen stalk cagily toward the ramp in the background.

And then suddenly River is there, standing before her, with a slight, compassionate smile on her lips. Kaylee startles. River reaches out and takes her gun, Kaylee too surprised to stop her.

River peeks out from behind the cargo doorway. The men are on the ramp. They fire as River swings back behind the cover.

RIVER (flat, unreadable): Can't look. Can't look.

She closes her eyes, and spins out into the doorway firing three shots, eyes closed, pop pop pop -- machine like. This is from Kaylee's POV.

Kaylee looks out onto the ramp, where the three men lie dead. River, holding the smoking gun, turns to her.

RIVER (cont'd): No power in the 'verse can stop me.

Off Kaylee's horrified look --


Mal backhands Niska again (they've moved up into Niska's office) and Niska hits the floor, scrabbling backward. Mal slowly shuffles after him.

The torturer enters behind Mal, who is too focused on Niska to notice. The torturer jumps him from behind.

As they struggle, Niska staggers away.


Book and Simon stop firing; the coast is clear, except for the piles of thug BODIES that surround them. They exchange a look.




Mal and the torturer struggle. Mal bends forward, lifting the strangling torturer onto his back, then hurls them both backward, smashing through one of Niska's windows --


Mal lands on the torturer, slamming into a steel balcony that overlooks the abyss of the factory shaft. The torturer releases his grip on the garrote, and Mal pulls it from his throat -- The torturer ain't out though; he starts getting up, and they square off again. Mal's strength is all but gone.

MAL (spent sigh): Haven't you killed me enough for one: day?


Dalin's body rocks as he takes several bullets and falls back. Zoe pushes forward, trailed by Jayne and Wash.

She drops to one knee, frisks Dalin's corpse quickly and comes up with a KEYCARD.


Zoe, Jayne and Wash come in. They rush to the open window, see Mal fighting the torturer on the edge of the factory shaft precipice. Jayne lifts his gun, takes aim... about to plug the torturer. Zoe grabs his arm.

ZOE: This is something the Captain needs: to do himself.

Jayne lowers his gun.

MAL (calling back to them): No, it's not --

ZOE: Oh.

As one, Zoe, Jayne and Wash raise their weapons and OPEN FIRE on the torturer, filling him with as many holes as standards and practices will allow. The torturer's bullet-ridden body falls into the blackness below.


Serenity is parked amongst the dunes, much as it was in act one.


Inside, Simon repacks some high-tech MEDICAL DEVICE into a METAL CASE. Book and Inara stand nearby. Mal enters. Kaylee sits on one of the stairways, a distance from them, arms hugged across her body.

Mal gingerly touches at his ear, which has been re-attached. A faint line of fresh scar circles it.

MAL: Sure this thing's gonna stay on?

SIMON: This dermal mender creates an: excellent tissue bond. It should be: fine... Just don't fiddle with it.

MAL (to Inara): Be sure to thank the Councilor for: me. Awful nice of her to pull: strings and lend us this equipment.

INARA: It was the very least she could do.

MAL (to Book and Simon): I'm told ya'll took up arms in that: little piece of action back there.

Book nods. Simon looks uncomfortable.

SIMON: Yes, I -- Yes.

MAL: How you farin' with that, Doctor?

SIMON: I don't know... I never shot anyone: before.

Book smiles and claps Simon on the shoulder.

BOOK: I was there, son. I'm fair sure you: haven't shot anyone yet.

Mal chuckles, heading for the stairs. As he passes by Kaylee, he rests his hand on her hand tenderly. She smiles up at him. He exits up the stairs.

Kaylee turns back and catches sight of River standing at the far end of the bay, on an upper catwalk. She goes cold. River looks down her, face blank. After a beat she turns, and disappears into a dark doorway.


Zoe has just finished making soup for her husband, who sits at the table. She puts it down in front of him.

WASH: Mmmm. Wife soup. I must have done: good.

ZOE (kisses top of his: head): Yes, dear. You done good. But this is: a one time thing, so I suggest you: savor it.

Mal enters.

MAL: Did you tell her?

WASH: Tell her what?

MAL (to Zoe): Your husband has demanded that we: sleep together.

ZOE (looking at Wash): Really.

WASH: What? Mal, come on--

MAL: He seems to think it would get all: this burning sexual tension out in: the open. You know, make it a fair: fight for your womanly affections--

WASH: No-- That was just the torture: talking... (looking at Zoe): Remember? The torture?

Mal steps over to Zoe and holds her hips.

Wash pushes his chair back, and winces to his feet.

She puts her hands on his shoulders, and they stare into each other's eyes, play-acting. Jayne enters, catching this display.

MAL: Sergeant, it's a difficult mission--: But you and I have to get it on.

ZOE: I understand. We have no choice. Take: me, sir. Take me hard.

Jayne looks at them for a beat.

JAYNE: Now somethin' about that is just: downright unsettlin'.

Wash cuts in, takes Zoe by the hand and pulls her away.

WASH: We'll be in our bunk.

They exit. Jayne looks down at the table.

JAYNE: Hey. Free soup.




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