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09. Сценарий эпизода «Ариэль» (Ariel). Автор: Жозе Молина (Jose Molina)

Firefly - "Ariel"

Written by: Jose Molina
Directed by: Allan Kroeker

Episode #: 1AGE08

SHOOTING SCRIPT: October 03, 2002



Serenity in space.


JAYNE sits at the table, in his Blue Sun shirt, cleaning a pistol. At the coffee table, KAYLEE and INARA, play a kind of two-person mah jong. In the kitchen area, SIMON takes a pot from a burner and spoons a sludgy gumbo into one bowl for himself and one for RIVER. She wrinkles her nose at it.

RIVER: I don't want it.

SIMON: River, you have to eat. It's good,: it tastes like -- (tries it, it's awful): -- it's good.

JAYNE: Smells like crotch.

KAYLEE: Jayne!

JAYNE: Well, it does.

They sit across from Jayne to eat, River mostly stirring her food around, her eyes often drifting to Jayne. WASH and ZOE enter, mid conversation --

WASH: We don't even have to do anything: fancy. We'll just go to a park or: something, feed the pigeons.

ZOE: Sure. We'll feed the pigeons...: probably get the firing squad for: littering.

WASH: Come on, it's not that bad.

ZOE: Yes, it is. It's a Core planet.: It's spotless, there's sensors: everywhere, and where there ain't: sensors, there's Feds. All the : central planets are the same.

WASH (to Inara): Could you please tell my wife the fun: she's missing out on.

INARA: Ariel's quite nice, actually. They: have some beautiful museums, not to: mention some of the finest: restaurants in the Core.

WASH: But not all boring like she made it: sound. There's, uh...

He kicks at Simon's chair: help.

SIMON: There's... there's... hiking. You: can go swimming in a bioluminescent: lake.

ZOE: I don't care if it has sunsets twenty-: four hours a day, I ain't setting: foot on that place.

MAL (entering): No one's setting foot on that fancy: rock. I don't want anyone leaving: the ship. Come to think of it, I: don't want anyone looking out the: windows. Or talking loud. We're: here to drop Inara off, that's it.

JAYNE: What's the point of coming to the: Core if I can't even get off the boat?

MAL: Could've gotten off with Shepherd: Book at the Bathgate Abbey. You: could be meditating over the wonders: of your rock garden right about now.

JAYNE: Better'n just sittin'.

WASH (you idiot): It is just sittin'.

Jayne grumbles, puts away the pistol, starts cleaning his knife.

ZOE (to Inara): How long you going to be planetside?

INARA: Shouldn't be more than a day or two.

WASH: Big stop just to renew your license: to Companion... can I use "Companion": as a verb?

INARA: It's Guild law. All Companions are: required to undergo a physical exam: once a year.

Jayne spits a large glob of saliva on his blade, wipes it on his shirt, shining it.

SIMON: Could you not do that while... (beat): ... ever.

Jayne looks him square in the eye, then does it again. Simon moves down the table; River gets up and goes to the kitchen. Wash resumes his train of thought --

WASH: So, two days in a hospital, huh? (Inara nods): That's awful. Don't you just hate: doctors?


WASH: I mean, present company excluded.

JAYNE: Don't be excluding people, that's: just rude.

A blur. Suddenly something's coming at Jayne. It's River with a kitchen knife. She attacks, slashing at his Blue sun t-shirt. Jayne barks, he's cut. SMACK! He reflexively backhands her across the room. Bedlam ensues, and all of this happens in an instant: Simon and Inara rush to River's side, Mal, Zoe and Kaylee to Jayne's; mah jong tiles spill, food falls from the table, as the following overlaps --

MAL: Jesu --

ZOE: It's deep --

SIMON: River, no --!

INARA: Oh, god, honey...






KAYLEE: He's bleedin'

SIMON (shocked): River...

RIVER (matter-of-fact): He looks better in red.


Mal and Jayne talk as Simon stitches up the shirtless Jayne. Jayne is rightfully irate.

JAYNE: Gorram freak's completely off her: axle.

SIMON: I'm sorry about this. I don't know: what she --

JAYNE: Shut it. I ain't talking to you. (to Mal): She's gotta go. Both of them's gotta: go. Ariel's as good a place to leave: them as any. Might even pick us up: a reward for our troubles.

Simon shoots Jayne a nasty look. Jayne couldn't care less. Simon continues what he's doing.

MAL: No one's getting left.

JAYNE: She belongs in a bughouse. You don't: pitch her off this boat right now, I: swear to you...

MAL: What? What do you swear, Jayne?

JAYNE: They don't get gone... you better: start locking up your room at night.: Next time lil' sister gets in a: murderin' mood, might be you she: comes calling on. (beat): Maybe Kaylee. Or Inara. You let 'em: stay... we're gonna find out.

Simon glances to Mal, wants to say something. Mal doesn't even look at him, his eyes on Jayne.

MAL: Finish your work, doctor. (to Jayne): This is my boat, and they're part of: my crew. No one's getting left.: Best you get used to that.

Jayne steps off the table, not happy. He moves for the infirmary door, addressing Simon without turning --

JAYNE: You owe me a shirt.

Simon's about to speak, but Mal beats him to the punch.

MAL: She's to stay confined in her room at: all times, no exceptions. You want: to take her to the kitchen, the: infirmary, whatever -- you ask me: first. You understand?

SIMON: I do.

MAL: When I took you and your sister in,: the deal was you keep her in check.: You can't hold up your end, we're: gonna have to revisit that deal. (after a silent beat): She's getting worse, isn't she?


Off Simon, the admission killing him...



Serenity flies over the cityscape of the obviously wealthy Core city of Ariel, sweeps past, lands on a tarmac in the f.g.


Kaylee walks with Inara towards her shuttle. Below, Mal, Zoe, Wash and Jayne toss horseshoes.

KAYLEE: Look at the bright side, maybe you'll: meet a young, handsome doctor and: he'll ask you out and (beat): What's Companion policy on dating?

INARA: It's... complicated.

KAYLEE: Figures.

Inara smiles, kisses Kaylee on the cheek --

INARA: Stay out of trouble.

-- and heads into her shuttle.

KAYLEE: You too.


JAYNE: How're we gonna find a job if we: don't leave the ship?

MAL: Alliance territory. Ain't any jobs: worth havin'.

WASH: Nor the last three places we been.

JAYNE: My pop always said anyone who can't: find work ain't looking hard enough.: We ain't even looking at all.

SIMON: You can stop looking.

Actually, they all stop and look at him. Kaylee has drifted down here by now.

SIMON (cont'd): There is client. Me. (then, to Mal): I have a job for you.

Off everyone's reactions.


Act One


Right where we left off. Mal and the others looking at Simon.

MAL: You got a job for us?

SIMON: One that'll pay for itself ten times: over.

WASH: Well, he's got my attention.

JAYNE: Not me. We don't work on spec.

ZOE: Work on spec all the time.

Simon pulls a vial out of his pocket.

SIMON: Do you know what this is? It's a: common immunobooster called: ivoprovalyn. Street value for a: dosage of this size, a hundred: platinums, maybe sixty credits. (another vial): Propoxin, one-fifteen. (another): Hydrozapam, three hundred. And these: are just from the med kit I had with: me when I came on board. At a: hospital like the one in Ariel City,: they'd have crates of this stuff.: Whatever the take, more than enough: payment for what I have in mind.

WASH: So the medvault's not the job?

SIMON: That's the payment. I tell you how: to get in, get out, and what's worth: taking. If you help me get River: into the hospital's diagnostic ward.

MAL: What's in the diagnostic ward?

SIMON: A 3-D neuroimager. If I can get: River in there, I might be able to: figure out what they did to her at: the Academy.

MAL: So we get you and your sister into: the whatchathing, you tell us how to: clean out the hospital?


KAYLEE: Not to be negative -- but don't the: hospital need that medicine?

ZOE: Government run facility. They'd have: it restocked in a matter of hours.

SIMON: She's right. They'll never miss it.

MAL: And folks on the rim could use it.

WASH: You know, it's very sweet -- stealing: from the rich and selling to the: poor. But we are talking about: breaking into a highly secure: Alliance facility. How do you plan: on getting around security?

SIMON: It's not easy, but it can be done.

Simon starts to pace, laying it all out...

SIMON (cont'd): Like all Core Hospitals, Ariel City: Hospital has its own dedicated: security force...


Continuing the movement. SIMON paces into FRAME...

SIMON: ... a small battery of local Alliance: Federals, substationed here.

-- the dining area has been turned into a war room, with a portable cortex screen on the kitchen table, and assorted diagrams and schematics scattered around. Simon pauses occasionally to indicate on the cortex --

SIMON (cont'd): Every floor, every doorway, every: room is equipped with sensors. And: at all points of entry: patient ident: scans. However, once clear of those: checkpoints, movement within the: facility itself should be relatively: unhindered. The standard layout: should put the medvault somewhere...

MAL: Back up to the ident scans. You and: your sister are tagged fugitives.: How you figure we're gonna get, you in: the building?

SIMON: Through the front door. (off their looks): Believe me, Captain -- getting the: two of us in is going to be easy.: The rest of you... that's going to be: the real trick...

More pacing.

SIMON (cont'd): We'll have to procure a few items off: ship. I've made a list. Given my: status as a fugitive, someone else: will have to...

Kaylee, Wash and Jayne all instantly thrust their hands in the air. Mal and Zoe just look at them.

SIMON (cont'd): We have some volunteers... good.: Before we ever make it to the front: door, we're going to have to breach: the perimeter. Only official: vehicles are allowed in. So, we'll: need one.




BIG SHINY CITYSCAPE. TILTING DOWN TO FIND, on the edge of the city --

SIMON (V.O.): Obviously, we can't steal what we: need. Any illegal activity in the: planning stages could end this thing: before it starts.

DECREPIT SANDLOT. Kaylee and Wash in the junkyard every corner is littered with engines, carburetors, rusted out shuttles, carts, etc.

SIMON (cont'd; V.O.): Ariel City Hospital contracts with a: local municipal dumpyard for its: large disposals.

KAYLEE: Figures... first time on the Core,: what do I get to do? -- dig through: trash. Why couldn't he send me: shopping at the triplex, or -- (sees something): Ooh, synchronizers!

As Wash starts looking around...

SIMON (V.O.): Big hospitals mean big waste. We: shouldn't have any trouble.

Wash waves Kaylee over to where he is -- he's found something. He points to --

-- a highly crappy, broken down and discarded body of an old AMBULANCE SHUTTLE.


Simon's still pacing...

SIMON: We'll have to look like we belong.


Jayne loiters at a PUBLIC VIDPHONE. He sees a PARTICULARLY DRESSED MAN moving his way. He's carrying a PAIR OF BUNDLES under his arm. As he passes the vid-phone "booth", he reaches out and picks up an ENVELOPE that is sitting on a lip near Jayne.

SIMON (V.O.): That means uniforms, ID badges...

He keeps walking. A few steps, and he drops the bundles, never losing stride. Jayne walks over and sweeps up the bundles, heads off.


Jayne dumps the bundles from the street onto the common area table. He picks out a PHOTO ID from amidst the stash which includes EMT uniforms -- looks at the ID. An Asian man is pictured. Jayne starts cutting out the picture.

SIMON (V.O.): All of these items are easy to obtain.



Simon stops pacing. Looks to the group.

SIMON: They'll get us up to the door. Now: in order to get in...



Simon sits on the examination table, Mal, Zoe and Jayne gathered around him. Mal is mid-schpiel --

MAL: -- the patients were cynical and not-: responding and we couldn't bring 'em: back.

SIMON: So they were cyanotic and non-: responsive and you were unable to: resuscitate. Good. Which methods: did you use?

ZOE: We tried the, uh, pulmonary: stimulators and the cardiac, um...

SIMON: Infusers. Right. What about the: cortical electrodes?

This asked of Jayne. He hesitates.

JAYNE: ..... we forgot 'em?

SIMON: Let's try that again.


Wash screws open a plastic panel, pulls out a motherboard, starts fussing with the parts. A CLICK and a WHOOSH and he turns to see Kaylee brandishing a lit blowtorch.


As before --

MAL: Pupils were fixed and dilapidated --

SIMON: Dilated.

MAL: Dilated, dilated -- < frog-humping: sonofabitch. > [Ching-wah TSAO duh: liou mahng.]



--Wash untangling a mess of wiring, straightening them out and connecting one part to another.

--Kaylee welding two metal plates together, a rain of sparks around her.

--Wash manning a paint gun, spraying white paint over a smooth metal surface.


And one more time --

MAL: -- by the time we got there, the: patients were cyanotic and, uh... non-: responsive. We tried, but we: couldn't revive them -- resuscitate: them -- despite our best efforts. (beat): They kicked.

SIMON: Yes. Which methods did you use?

ZOE: We used the, pulmonary stimulators and: cardiac infusers. (beat): Or is it cardiac stimulators and: pulmonary infusers?

SIMON: You had it right the first time.: What about cortical electrodes?

This, once again, asked of Jayne --

JAYNE: Yeah... we, uh... they, uh... I don't: ruttin' know!

Simon reacts -- it'll have to do.


TRACKING WITH SIMON as he enters the cargo bay, a pleased expression on his face.

SIMON: That's amazing.

We don't yet see what he's looking at as he's joined by

Kaylee and Wash.

SIMON (cont'd): You two did an incredible job.

Now we see what they're looking at -- the broken down shuttle has been retrofitted to look just like a shiny new Ariel City Hospital ambulance.

KAYLEE: And the finishing touch --

Out of the ambulance emerge Mal, Zoe, and Jayne dressed in EMT uniforms, complete with clipped-on IDs and keycards, looking very much the part.

SIMON: If I didn't know better, I'd say: you're ready to save some lives.

MAL: Now all we need's a couple of: patients.

SIMON: Corpses, actually. For this to work,: River and I will have to be dead.

JAYNE: I'm startin' to like this plan.


SIMON (V.O.): We're going to be asleep.



River sits on her bed, Simon at her side, explaining.

SIMON: Captain Reynolds and the others will: have to pretend that we're dead to: sneak us into the hospital, but once: we're inside we'll wake up and: everything will be fine. You: understand?

RIVER: You're going to suspend cerebral,: cardiac and pulmonary activity in: order to induce a proto-comatose: state.

Simon reacts -- of course she'd get the science.

SIMON: That's right.

RIVER: I don't want to do it.

SIMON: I know.

RIVER: I don't want to go to that place.: don't want to die.

SIMON: No one's going to die. It's okay.: The others will take care of us while: we're asleep and when we get back.

RIVER (on and on): No, no, no --

SIMON: Shhh... it's okay. River. River. (she calms): This could be what we've been hoping: for. When this is over... I'll be: able to help you. I'll be able to: make the nightmares go away. Okay?

Very much not okay, River nods.

SIMON (cont'd): Okay. Lie back.

She does. Simon preps his syringe.

SIMON (cont'd): It's time to go to sleep.

He injects her.


Jayne, Mal and Zoe all huddled in the M.A.S.H-like medi- shuttle. We're IN FLIGHT but it's all tight and interior.

MAL: We speak only when spoken to, we: avoid any unnecessary contact and we: stay together until we reach the: morgue. Understood?

ZOE: Yes, sir.

Jayne doesn't reply -- he's mouthing his lines. Trying to get them right.

JAYNE (really just: muttering): Applied the cortical electrodes.: Unable to get a neural reaction...

MAL: Jayne?

JAYNE: Yeah, yeah I got it.

MAL: Are we gonna have a problem?

JAYNE: I know what I gotta do.

MAL: That's not what I'm talking about.: Am I gonna have a problem with you: and Simon?

JAYNE: That's up to him.

MAL: Look, I know you got some call to be: tetchy. You got a little stabbed the: other day, that's bound to make: anyone a mite ornery.

JAYNE: It's a good plan.

MAL: What?

JAYNE: Doc did good, coming up with this: job. Don't mean I like him any: better... but nothing buys bygones: quicker'n cash. (then): Maybe I'll give him a tattoo while: he's out.

MAL: You let him do his thing, then you: get them out. No messing with him: for a laugh.

JAYNE: Don't worry about me. Long as I get: paid, I'm happy.

As Jayne goes back to muttering his script...


The ambulance lands in front of the hospital, a pair of body bags attached nacelle-like to the side of the ambulance. [NOTE: the body bags are hard, silver shells without a discernible zipper.] Mal, Zoe, Jayne and Wash (in his EMT uniform) spill out of the ambulance, unhook the bodybags. As they finish --

MAL (to Wash): One hour.

And they're moving --


Mal, Zoe and Jayne wheel the gurneys towards the door.


Mal, Zoe, Jayne wheel in the body containers toward A NURSE and a RECEIVING DOCTOR.

RECEIVING DOCTOR: What have you got?

MAL: Couple DOAs. By the time we got --

The doctor writes something on a beeper-like device, attaches it to the body bags and the bags go from silver to black --

RECEIVING DOCTOR (abruptly): Take them down to the morgue.

Mal, Zoe and Jayne just sort of blink. Receiving Doctor goes back to whatever it was she was doing. Jayne isn't about to go without blurting:

JAYNE: We applied the cortical electrodes: but were unable to get a neural: reaction from either patient!

The Receiving Doctor just looks up blankly. She didn't ask. A beat and our people move off. And they're in.


Mal, Zoe and Jayne wheel in the gurneys. Jayne takes in the many blue-tinged bodies on slabs and examination tables, many of them in various stages of post-mortems. He'd rather be anywhere but here.

MAL: Let's get 'em out.

Jayne and Zoe pull a tab on each body bag and they slide open neatly, parting down the middle. They pick up Simon and River and lift them to a pair of nearby examination tables. Another pull on the tab and the body bags close, retaining their shape.

Mal pulls a hypo out of his med bag, injects Simon and River.

MAL (cont'd): That should bring them out of it in: a few minutes. As soon as they're: up, get them to the imaging suite,: let Simon do his thing, then haul it: back to the roof. Fifty minutes.

JAYNE: Got it.

Mal and Zoe wheel their gurneys back out.

JAYNE (cont'd): I'll just... sit here.

And he does. For a beat. Creeped out by all the dead people. Another beat, then Jayne peeks out the door before moving out into --


Jayne walks down a corridor, stops at a cortex terminal. He swipes a card on the terminal, and in a moment a face appears on the cortex screen -- this is AGENT McGINNIS.

JAYNE: I'm in.

AGENT MC GINNIS: Do you have the fugitives?

JAYNE: You got my reward?

AGENT MC GINNIS: Yes. Just like we talked about.

JAYNE: Then I got your fugitives.

AGENT MC GINNIS: Good. We'll see you shortly.: Congratulations. You're about to: become a very rich man.

Off Jayne --


Act Two


Jayne slips back into the morgue, where Simon and River still lie unconscious. Now that he's alone, Jayne is even more spooked by this place. Especially the quiet. He moves through the room, spots a toe tag on a corpse, reads --

JAYNE (to himself): "John Doe." What kind of dumbass: don't even have a name?

Behind Jayne (and unseen by him) River SITS UP INTO FRAME. She's just woken up and is a bit dazed, disoriented. She's inches behind him as she says --

RIVER: A copper for a kiss.

Jayne jumps -- she startled the hell out of him.

JAYNE: Jesu--! What -- what did you say?

River falters -- even she's not sure what that just came out of her mouth.

In the b.g, Simon now bolts awake with a CHOKED GASP. Jayne jumps again. Simon goes into a coughing jag, every cough causing him noticeable pain.

JAYNE (cont'd): What's the matter with you?

SIMON: Nothing, just after-effects from the: drugs. (coughs, it hurts): I'll be fine, just give me a second.

JAYNE (you weenie): Your sister seems okay.

From behind Jayne comes the sound of River throwing up. Jayne looks behind him, sees the mess -- yuck. He turns back to Simon and tosses him a bundle of clothes.

JAYNE (cont'd): Get dressed. We gotta move.


A pair of elevator doors open and Mal and Zoe push their gurneys down a quiet corridor.

MAL: Two rights, two lefts and we're: there. You see anyone, smile.

ZOE: I don't think people smile in: hospitals.

MAL: 'Course they do. It's the Core,: everybody's rich and happy here. Why: wouldn't they smile?

From O.S., a voice calls to them

OFFICIOUS DOCTOR (O.S.): 'Scuse me --

Mal turns, sees an OFFICIOUS DOCTOR.

MAL (big smile): Hi!

OFFICIOUS DOCTOR (unsmiling): Where are you taking those bodies?

MAL: Just downstairs to the morgue.

OFFICIOUS DOCTOR (pointing behind them): Downstairs is that way.

MAL: Right. Must've got turned around.

OFFICIOUS DOCTOR: Let me see your badge.

Mal hands it over.


Simon and Jayne wheel River down a corridor in a wheelchair. She's in a hospital gown, Simon is in scrubs, Jayne still wears his EMT uniform.

RIVER: We're doing it backwards. Walking up: the down slide.

JAYNE: Keep her quiet.

Simon leans in close to River as he walks, as soothing as ever --

SIMON: This is the recovery ward. This is: where patients come to get better.

RIVER: They're going to die.

SIMON: No one's going to die.

RIVER (indicates a patient): He is.

Simon looks where River's indicating. A fortysomething PATIENT lies in bed, a YOUNG INTERN tending to him.

SIMON: No, he's not. That man standing next: to him is his doctor, he's going to: help him.

RIVER: He's not going to help him right.

SIMON: River, the doctors here are the best: in the system. This is one of the: top hospitals in the Core or anywhere: else.

RIVER: Where you should be.

Simon does his best to not react to that. River grabs the wheels on the wheelchair, effectively slamming the brakes. She starts to get up; Jayne won't let her.

JAYNE: Uh-uh. No wandering off.

RIVER (to Simon): You have to help him.

SIMON: River, we don't have time to --

RIVER (loud): He's killing him!

The monitors by the Patient start BEEPING, alarms going off. And now River is struggling against Jayne, trying to get up out of her chair.

YOUNG INTERN: Code blue!

RIVER: Help him help him help him...

NURSES converge on the trauma area, some of them taking note of the frantic girl trying to wriggle free of the large EMT. Simon knows the only way to calm River is to appease her.

SIMON (to River): Stay here. Don't move.

With a look to Jayne that says "watch her", Simon jumps into the fray. This is FAST --

SIMON (cont'd): What do we have?

YOUNG INTERN: Forty two year old, double bypass: post-op. Prognosis was positive --

CRASH TEAM NURSE: BP sixty over twenty, pulse is: thready.

Simon rips the patient's gown open, listens to his heart.

YOUNG INTERN (to Simon): Who are you?

CRASH TEAM NURSE: He's crashing --

SIMON (to Nurse): Get the cart.

She moves to get the crash cart; that's when a long, constant BEEEEEP starts coming from the EKG --

CRASH TEAM NURSE: We have flatline --

YOUNG INTERN: We gotta crack him --

SIMON (stern, to Intern): We're not cracking a post-op. (to the Nurse): Get the infusers and point-four of: atropine. (to Intern): What did you give him?

YOUNG INTERN: Just twenty of alprazaline push.

Simon gives him a look -- whatever that means, it means the intern fucked up.

The nurse hands Simon a hypo and a pair of pen-like devices. (These are cardiac infusers, and they look not unlike a pair of tire pressure gauges.) Simon puts the hypo between his teeth, applies. the infusers to the Patient's chest --

SIMON: Clear --

PHUMP! A blip on the EKG, then back to flatline --

SIMON (cont'd): Clear --

PHUMP! A blip on the EKG, this time it keeps blipping, but another ALARM SOUNDS. Simon gives the infusers to the nurse.

YOUNG INTERN (an accusation): He's going tachy.

Simon takes the hypo from his teeth --

SIMON (dismissive): But his heart's beating.

-- plugs it into the IV, pushes in the atropine. Instantly, the alarms stop. A beat, then the EKG blips become slower and more regular.

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, especially the Intern.

YOUNG INTERN (willing it): He's okay...

Simon gets in his face, genuinely pissed --

SIMON: Explain to me how you justify: administering a vasoconstrictor to: this patient?

YOUNG INTERN: Alprazaline's a painkiller, not a --

SIMON: Unless you combine it with droxine,: which any first year should know is: the standard prep medicine your: patient was taking before his: surgery. Your patient should be: dead. And you'd be standing here: scratching your head as to why.

YOUNG INTERN: I -- I'm... sorry, doctor.

SIMON: Good.

Simon moves back to River and Jayne. River's practically beaming. Jayne's not unimpressed.

SIMON (cont'd): Let's go.


Mal and Zoe and the Officious Doctor, moments after we left them. The Doctor examines Mal's ident badge carefully.

OFFICIOUS DOCTOR (moving towards a: vidphone): Walk with me a minute.

Mal gives Zoe a look -- better do something. She sidles over to a crash cart.

MAL: Where we going?

The Doctor stops, actually seems offended at the question. He holds up his ident card.

OFFICIOUS DOCTOR: You see this badge? It says: "doctor". I say walk with me, you: walk with me.

Mal stays put -- he already hates this guy.

MAL: Yeah, but... where we going?

Now the doctor is pissed --

OFFICIOUS DOCTOR: You must be new. (Mal doesn't deny it): Don't get comfortable; your type: doesn't last long here. When your: supervisor hears about the rude and: disrespectful attitude you just --

PHUMP! The Doctor collapses to the ground. Zoe stands behind him, a pair of cardiac infusers in hand.

ZOE: Clear.


Simon and Jayne push River into the suite, Jayne hanging back and looking both ways out the door before shutting it.

Simon crouches next to River, as soothing as he can be --

SIMON: Ready?

Although clearly apprehensive, River nods.


Mal and Zoe push their gurneys down the corridor, stop at a door.

MAL: Twelve oh-five. This is it.

He looks around, makes sure the coast is clear, then swipes his keycard through the scanner. A RED LIGHT flashes on the scanner -- the door won't open. He tries again. Again, red light.

MAL (cont'd): Zoe.

Zoe tries her keycard. Twice. Same thing: the light blinks red.

ZOE: They must've been de-mag'd.

Mal pulls the tab on one of the bodybags -- it opens to reveal the Officious Doctor, who is MOANING but unconscious. He snatches his keycard, slides it through the scanner. The door opens.

MAL: His works.


Simon helps River onto the steel table and she leans back, her eyes staring straight up. This place clearly scares her.

Simon moves to a podium-like control column, wheels it over close to River. He inserts a PLASTIC TAB into the column, then presses a few buttons, turns on the machine. The entire room starts to make a WHIRRING SOUND.

River closes her eyes. Jayne simply watches.


This is thief heaven. Simon was right -- the shelves are lined with vial upon vial of medicine. Mal dumps the Officious Doctor on the floor, and he and Zoe start filling the body bags with drugs.

In a series of JUMP CUTS, they quickly, efficiently clean out the room, cramming as many vials as they can into the body bags, reading labels and tossing away the worthless ones before sealing the jammed packed body bags again.


The WHIRRING is a little louder now. Simon works for a moment longer before --

SIMON: River... I'm going to start the scan: now. You okay?

River is trying very hard to keep her shit together; she's on the brink of freaking. Her lips are moving fast, but no words are coming out.

SIMON (cont'd): River?

RIVER (snapping): Just do it.

Simon works the controls and a HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGE APPEARS, a three-dimensional scan of her brain floating above her like a bizarre rain cloud. Numbers and wave-graphs flank the central image of her brain.


Just outside the supply vault. Mal and Zoe push the gurneys back out into the corridor. Mal shuts the vault door with the Doctor still inside.


Jayne sits in a corner, watching Simon work at the control column. (An LCD window on the column reads DOWNLOADING DATA.) Simon mans the controls like the professional he is -- rotating the image, punching up new numbers and scans. He's riveted by the flood of information, stares at the images before him in disbelief.

SIMON: < Goddamn monsters. > [Tyen-sah duh UH-: muo.] How anyone could do this to: another person... she's seventeen...

Jayne remains impassive, not wanting to be drawn into this. Nonetheless, Simon turns to him

SIMON (cont'd): They opened up her skull. Look --

Using the controls, he highlights (Madden-like, but slicker) a straight line drawn across River's temporal lobe -- an incision line.

SIMON (cont'd): That's a scalpel scar. They opened: up her skull... and then they cut: into her brain.

Curiosity gets the best of Jayne --


SIMON: The only reason to make an incision: in someone's brain is to lobotomize: them -- you go in to remove damaged: tissue. Why someone would cut into: a healthy brain...

He lets it hang there -- the answer is beyond him.

SIMON (cont'd): They did it over and over.

The downloading window switches to DOWNLOAD COMPLETE. Simon absently takes the plastic tab out of the machine, pockets it. A moment, as Simon looks at something else.

SIMON (cont'd): < Jesus. > [Lao TYEN yeh.] They: stripped her limbic system...

Jayne doesn't really want to hear this, so --

JAYNE: We should get moving.

Simon misreads Jayne's hurry for incomprehension, starts to explain --

SIMON: You know how... (how to explain): You get scared. Or worried, or: nervous. And you don't want to be: scared or worried or nervous, so you: push it to the back of your mind.: You try not to think about it.: The limbic system is what lets you do: that -- it's like a filter in your: brain that keeps your feelings in: check. (beat, disturbed by this): They took that filter out of River.: She feels everything. She can't not.

That's as perturbing to Jayne as it is to Simon, but he's not going to get drawn into River's problems.

JAYNE: That's fascinating. (grabs the tab, puts: it in Simon's coat: pocket): We should get moving.

SIMON (looks at a wall clock): We still have twenty minutes.

JAYNE: Plan changed when you were out.: We're meeting out the back way in: five.

RIVER: Her eyes snap open.


Images begin to change furiously as River's brain starts firing, going berserk. Greens go to red, levels spike, warning lights flash. Simon has his back momentarily turned, addressing Jayne.

SIMON: I could use another couple of: minutes. I'm sure if we contact: Captain Reynolds --

JAYNE: Captain gave his orders. We play it: by the book.

River lets out an ear-splitting SCREAM OF TERROR.

Simon turns, sees the hyperactive hologram. He shuts off the machine and rushes to River's side. She's in full freak-out mode now; her dialogue overlaps with everyone else's.

SIMON: River -- it's okay, you're okay.

JAYNE: Get her in the chair and let's go.

RIVER: No, no, no -- they come out of the: black. They come when you call.

SIMON: It's okay, it's over. (looks at Jayne): We're leaving.

River fixes Jayne with a look -- like she sees right into him. It's wigging him a bit.

RIVER: Your toes are in the sand.

JAYNE (defensive): And your head's up your ass. (to Simon): Make sure she keeps her mouth shut.: We don't need her screeching while: we're trying to make a quiet getaway.

Jayne goes to the door, looks around outside, then looks back at Simon and River. She's in hysterical tears, her hands clutching his shirt. He's stroking her hair, cooing, trying to calm her. Off Jayne... is he starting to feel guilty?



Jayne leads the way as Simon pushes River in her wheelchair. Her lips are again moving soundlessly.

SIMON (quietly, to Jayne): You should've let me know when the: plan changed.

JAYNE: I told you when you needed to know. (off Simon's look): What are you griping about, you got: what you came for.

They turn a corner into


The reach the back exit doors, are about to push through when River puts the brakes on the chair.

RIVER: No... can't go back, don't want to go: back...

SIMON: Shh, it's okay. We're just going: back to the ship. We're almost home.

River reluctantly allows herself to be pushed through the doors to --


The doors aren't even shut behind them when SPOTLIGHTS spark to life, pinning Simon, River and Jayne in their crosshairs.

AGENT MC GINNIS (FILTERED): Federal Marshals -- don't move.

They shield their eyes... just enough to see that they're surrounded by armed Feds. Lots of them, and moving cautiously towards them, rifles raised.

AGENT MC GINNIS: River and Simon Tam. By the: authority of the Union of Allied: Planets, you are hereby bound by law.

Off their reactions --



Act Three


As we left them. The Feds come up to Simon and River, who offer no resistance as they're patted down and cuffed, their hands behind their backs.

AGENT MC GINNIS: Take them to processing.

The officers start ushering Simon and River away, another comes to cuff Jayne, who plays along, takes a slow step towards McGinnis --

JAYNE (sotto): So... you gonna take me away for: questioning now, or how d'ya wanna: play it?

AGENT MC GINNIS: You're under arrest for aiding and: abetting federal fugitives. Better: get a lawyer.

Jayne almost laughs. McGinnis doesn't.

JAYNE: You're kidding, right?

McGinnis says nothing.

JAYNE (cont'd) (through his teeth): Where's my rutting money?

AGENT MC GINNIS: You mean my money? For apprehending: the three fugitives? I expect I'll: be getting it soon.

With that, McGinnis walks away. Jayne realizes he's been double-crossed. He yanks free of the Fed cuffing him (one cuff on, one off), lunges at McGinnis, when FOOMP! -- a Fed fires his sonic rifle at Jayne. A wave of compressed sound slams into Jayne like a wrecking ball, sending him FLYING hard into a wall.



Mal and Zoe trot the gurneys out towards the ambulance shuttle. Wash hops out and helps them strap the body bags to the outside of the shuttle. He reacts to the weight of the bags. (They're essentially filled to the brim with liquid.)

WASH: How much did we get?

Zoe smiles at Wash -- it's a lot. Mal downplays it.

MAL: Enough to keep us flying.

ZOE (psyched): Can we fly somewhere with a beach?

WASH: Maybe a naked beach.

Wash and Zoe kiss.

MAL: Cut it out. Job ain't done till: we're back on Serenity.

ZOE: Sorry, sir. Didn't mean to enjoy the: moment.

MAL (to Wash): Where are the others?


FED #1 escorts Jayne, Simon and River into the reception area. He sees them to a bench, shoves Jayne onto it. Simon and River take their seats and the Fed departs. In the b.g., McGinnis talks to FED #2, prepping paperwork.

SIMON (to Jayne): I saw what you did out there.

A long beat, as Jayne wonders if he's busted. Defensive --

JAYNE: I didn't do nothing.

SIMON (kicking himself): More than I did. If those officers: hadn't been armed, I think you'd have: had a chance.

JAYNE: Guy shoved me, I shoved back. Not: like I was trying to mount a rescue.

SIMON: Still. I appreciate you trying.

JAYNE: You know what I'd appreciate? If: you'd stop flapping your pretty mouth: at me. I'm trying to think of a way: out of here and I can't do it with: you yammering.

Simon shakes his head -- that's what he gets for thanking Jayne. River turns to Jayne.

RIVER: They took Christmas away.

JAYNE (what the hell now?): Christmas?

RIVER: Came down the stairs for the shiny: presents, but they took the tree and: the stockings. Nothing left but coal.

SIMON: River, what are you talking about?

RIVER: Christmas. You can't open your: presents before.

JAYNE (to Simon): Shut her up.

RIVER (to Jayne): And don't look in the closet, either.: That's greedy. It's not in the: spirit of the holiday.

JAYNE (very harsh): Shut. The hell. Up. Right now. Or: so help me I will shut you up.


Mal, Zoe and Wash.

MAL: Time.

ZOE: Ten minutes past rendezvous.

MAL: Something happened.

Wash opens a communication channel with Serenity.

WASH: Kaylee, are you linked?



Kaylee's on the bridge, in the pilot's seat. She taps a few buttons and the cortex pops up on the helm screen.

KAYLEE: I am now. What do you need?

WASH: Find out if there's been any kind of: security alert in the hospital.

KAYLEE: Hang on...

As Kaylee works --

ZOE: Could be they're just late.

MAL: Not this late. Jayne would've sent: up a flag.

Kaylee gets what she's looking for.

KAYLEE: Nothing from hospital security.: Nothing on local pipeline, either.: Although I'm getting some weird: babble on the official two-six-two.: Sounds like they're talking about...: ducks?

ZOE (to Mal): Code?

MAL (nods): Feds got 'em. Kaylee, bring up the: hospital schematics on the cortex.: Find me a way into the security: substation.

Zoe ducks into the ambulance, tosses Mal his gun. He tucks it in his vest; she lifts up her pant-leg and straps her shotgun to her calf with bandage tape.

WASH: Wait a minute, you really think: there's Feds in there?

Now Zoe places an earwig in her ear, hands one to Mal, who does the same.

MAL: Most like. (presses the earwig: into his ear): Check.

ZOE (re: her earwig): Coming in clear.

WASH: And you're just gonna walk into the: security station through the front: door?

MAL: No. You're gonna find me a way round: the back.

They shut the ambulance doors and move off.


Simon and River sit on the bench, her head on his shoulder. McGinnis walks up to the bench, Feds 1 & 2 following with Jayne in restraints.


SIMON: What's going to happen to us?

AGENT MC GINNIS: I said get up.

McGinnis grabs Simon by the arm; he yanks himself free, remains seated.

SIMON: Agent McGinnis, I'm certain you're: working under a superior who's: keeping close tabs on this case. I'm: certain of that because important: people don't usually do field work.: I'm also quite certain your superior: wants me and my sister alive. Now,: I'm not going to move from this spot: until one of two things happen: you: answer my very simple question, or: you shoot me.

McGinnis bristles, but has little choice but to answer.

AGENT MC GINNIS: We're transferring you to a holding: area until you can be retrieved.

SIMON: Retrieved... by whom?

AGENT MC GINNIS: By people who want you alive. People: not me. (to the Feds): Take 'em.

PRELAP the sound of a BUZZER and --



A security door opens and two Feds escort Jayne, Simon and River through the holding area. The Feds usher the prisoners around a corner and towards a cell.

River and Simon file in, as does Jayne. As Fed #2 goes to shut the door, Jayne springs -- SLAMMING HIS HEAD into Fed #2's nose and shattering it, knocking him out.

Fed #1 raises his rifle, but Jayne rams into him shoulder first, practically lifting him off the ground and CRUSHING him against a wall. The impact is such that both men go down, the rifle skittering away. Jayne quickly wriggles his cuffs past his feet. His hands are in front of him now. He grabs Fed #1 with both hands, one hand on his mouth, the other on his throat.

The following is dirty, ugly and almost completely silent:

Jayne squeezes hard, crushing his windpipe. The Fed tries to pry Jayne's hands off him, but Jayne's too strong. So the Fed bites down on Jayne's hand; blood streams down, but Jayne keeps his hold on both mouth and throat.

Simon goes to help Jayne, but hears Fed #2 stir -- he's coming to. Simon moves to him, kneels on his throat. He won't make a sound.

Still wrestling on the ground, Fed #1 gouges at Jayne's eyes, gets him pretty good, causing Jayne to look away and allowing the Fed to flip Jayne on his back. Fed #1 straddles him, proceeds to SLAM Jayne's head repeatedly on the marble floor.

River watches the violence.



Mal and Zoe.

MAL: Wash, a little direction, please.



Wash talks into his transmitter --

WASH: Working on it...

-- then into the com --

WASH (cont'd): Kaylee, whaddya got?


Kaylee's looking at the hospital blueprints on the cortex.

KAYLEE: Tell them to make a left when they: get to radiology. They'll see a: door --


Mal and Zoe, moving fast --

WASH: -- go through that door and down to: green level.

Mal and Zoe go through the door and into --


As they descend the steps, taking them two and three at a time. As they do --

MAL: This is exactly what I didn't want.: I wanted simple, I wanted in-and-out,: I wanted easy money.

ZOE: Things always get a little more: complicated, don't they, sir?

MAL: Once, just once, I want things to go: according to the gorram plan!

They reach the bottom of the steps, head for the door, when --

WASH (V.O.): Um, guys... you might want to hurry.

MAL: Is there a problem?


Wash looks out the window, sees an ominous-looking shuttle descending towards City Hospital and landing on its roof.

WASH: The reinforcements are here.

Off Wash's dread...



Back to the ugly, quiet fight at the substation.

Jayne knees the Fed in the nuts -- it's enough to try to flip on top of him. They roll around, Jayne repeatedly taking punches as he tries to squeeze the life out of this bastard.

Finally about to run out of breath, the Fed reaches down to his ankle and pulls a knife. He's about to bring it down when SIMON FLIES INTO FRAME, tackling the Fed off Jayne... who holds on to his grip. SNAP! The Fed's head is on backwards.

Simon takes the keys off the Fed, without hesitation --

SIMON: Come on.

Jayne grabs the rifle and he and River follow Simon (who undoes cuffs as they go) around the corner to the reception door. Jayne goes for the door.

SIMON (cont'd): Wait -- you can't go through there.

JAYNE: Why not?

SIMON: There's at least four armed Feds out: there.

JAYNE: Six. (holds up the rifle): I know.

SIMON (re: a corridor): We run. We'll find our way.

JAYNE: I ain't chancing that -- you got no: idea where that goes. I can handle: the feds.

RIVER: Doesn't matter.

Jayne and Simon turn to her. She's hugging her arms to her body as if cold... actually, she's just terrified.

RIVER (cont'd): They're here.


McGinnis stands by reception. CAMERA IS ON HIM -- we don't yet see who he's talking to.

AGENT MC GINNIS: We did everything just the way you: asked. They weren't hurt. They: weren't drugged. They're in perfect: health, sitting in their cells,: waiting for you.


Relatively non-descript, except for the blue gloves they wear. (They will henceforth be known as the Blue Gloves.)

FIRST BLUE GLOVE: We appreciate your cooperation.

AGENT MC GINNIS: No problem at all. The kind of money: you're offering, it's the least we: could do.

McGinnis is expecting some small talk in response. Gets nothing but silence. So he just keeps talking.

AGENT MC GINNIS (cont'd): I have to say, though, that girl's a: real piece of work.


AGENT MC GINNIS: That girl. She kept rambling about: the weirdest stuff. I mean, just...: crazy.

SECOND BLUE GLOVE: So... you spoke to the prisoner?

AGENT MC GINNIS: We didn't interrogate them -- just: like you said. She was just talking: her nonsense while we were processing: her.

The SECOND BLUE GLOVE reaches in his suit pocket, pulls out a thick rod-like device. He squeezes it and a thin spicule extends from each end.

FIRST BLUE GLOVE: Did your men also speak with her?

AGENT MC GINNIS: Much as I did.

A trickle of blood drips from McGinnis' nose. He feels it, dabs at it with his hand, sees it's blood. He reacts to the sight, merely curious.

Then he notices his hands. His fingernails, to be specific. Blood is seeping from under them. He looks up at the Blue Gloves... and all the color drains from his face.

A drop of red blooms out from his pupil... he SCREAMS... whatever is happening to him is excruciating... until the red spreads over the entirety of the eye... and a tear of blood trickles down. He collapses face-first onto his desk. Dead.

The sitting Blue Glove stands. The standing Blue Glove puts away his device.



Act Four




Jayne, Simon and River react to the continued SCREAMING... what the hell was that?

RIVER: Hell is coming to breakfast.

Simon looks at River, not certain what that means, but certain he doesn't like the sound of it.

SCREAMS come from beyond the door. First, just the one. Then more -- all in the same agony as McGinnis when he died.

SIMON: We're not going out that way.

Before they can debate, River bolts, running hell-bent-for- leather down a corridor.

SIMON (cont'd): River!

Simon looks to Jayne as if to say "so much for that decision," then follows. Jayne reluctantly falls in behind Simon.



As we left him, very much dead. Then, CAMERA DRIFTS through the reception area... FINDING another Fed. Also dead, also bleeding out of many orifices. CAMERA CONTINUES TO DRIFT... finding another Fed. Same thing. And another. And another. Every Fed we've seen lies dead in a pool of blood.

CAMERA CONTINUES TO DRIFT... finding the Blue Gloved men walking through the carnage, completely unaffected. They walk up to the separator door, walk through.


The Blue Gloved Men walk in, past the separator door and into the cell area. There, they find the two laid out Feds Jayne took out. First Blue Glove takes the pulse of one, Second Blue Glove the pulse of the other.


First Blue Glove looks in the direction Jayne and the others went.

SECOND BLUE GLOVE: This one's alive.

Second Blue Glove takes out The Device from his pocket.


River leads Jayne and Simon into the guts of the hospital. This space is more industrial, less pristine. She keeps moving fast, Simon and Jayne following.

JAYNE: Where the hell's she taking us?

SIMON: She must know of an exit this way.

JAYNE: I don't see any exit, and I got no: intention of running around like a: rat in a maze till we're dead. We're: going back.


SIMON: You want to find out where River's: leading us... or you want to find out: who that is?


River runs down the steps, Jayne and Simon following.

RIVER (calling back): We're almost there.

She reaches the bottom of the steps, keeps running, Simon and Jayne gaining... then she finally stops at a large steel door.

RIVER (cont'd): This is it.

Jayne tries the door -- locked. A faint TAP-TAP-TAPPING can be heard in the distance. Jayne looks in its direction fear starting to become evident in his face.

JAYNE: Stand back.

He takes aim at the door with the sonic rifle, BLASTS IT! In these echoey halls, it makes an ENORMOUS REVERBERATING BOOM! But it does nothing to the door. When the sound subsides, the TAP-TAP-TAPPING starts to get closer.

JAYNE (cont'd) (under his breath): < Cow sucking > [Shee-niou] high tech: Alliance crap.

Jayne looks towards the tapping sound... about to freak... turns the rifle around, starts wailing on the lock with the rifle butt. WHAM! WHAM! Nothing. WHAM! WHAM! Nothing. Then -- BLAM! That's the sound of a shotgun blast ripping through the lock from the other side.

The blasted door drifts open... and there stand Mal and Zoe, guns in hand, Zoe's shotgun pluming a bit of smoke.

Off Jayne, never so relieved to see anyone...


The ramp is in the process of opening as Kaylee comes down the stairs from the bridge, runs into Inara coming out of her shuttle. She peers out the ramp as she addresses Inara --

KAYLEE: Hey, 'Nara. How was your checkup?

INARA (dismissing it): Same as last year. (re: her peering): What's going on here?

KAYLEE: Well, let's see. We killed Simon and: River, stole a bunch of medicine, and: now the captain and Zoe are off: springing the others got snatched by: the Feds.

Inara's jaw drops. Before she can ask any questions --

KAYLEE (cont'd): And here they are now!

The ambulance shuttle flies in. As soon as it touches down, Mal, Zoe, Wash, Jayne, Simon and River spill out. Kaylee and Inara join them on the floor, Kaylee moving to the control panel to close the ramp.

MAL: Tell me we weren't followed.

KAYLEE: Nothing on sensors.

MAL (to Wash): Take us out of the world. The: quicker, the better..

WASH: We'll be out of atmo in five minutes.

Wash books towards the bridge, Zoe in tow.

MAL: Hey. How was your thing?

INARA: As advertised. Lots of needles and: cold exam tables. I heard you had: some excitement.

MAL: Nothing much. Just... got into a bit: of a scrape ourselves.

JAYNE: Next time we come to the Core, I'm: staying with the preacher.

MAL (nonsense!): You hadn't come, you wouldn't be: getting your big pay day.

Jayne looks to Mal -- is there something behind that seemingly innocuous statement? Mal just turns to Simon.

MAL (cont'd): Did you get what you needed?

SIMON: I think I did. I have the: information I downloaded from the: imager. I just have to go over it: and... (pauses, hint of a: smile): I'm hopeful.

Kaylee notes the injuries to Jayne's face.

KAYLEE: What happened to your face?

JAYNE: Got it shot.

KAYLEE: With a gun?!

JAYNE (said with disgust): One of them "non-lethal" guns.

SIMON: It was a sonic rifle. He was: amazing. I can't begin to tell: you... we wouldn't be standing here: if it weren't for him. (to Jayne, means it): Thank you.

JAYNE: Hey. You're part of my crew.

MAL: I think I might cry. (then--): Jayne, help me with the cargo.: Everyone else... make yourselves: useful. You got jobs, go do 'em.

Everyone disperses but Mal and Jayne who unload the body bags from the ambulance, haul them over to the smuggling hold. As they work --

JAYNE: Gotta be one of our best takes ever.

MAL: Doc had a good notion. Boy's got a: decent criminal mind.

Jayne kneels by the hold, not noticing that Mal is wrapping one of the hoist chains around his fist -- the ultimate brass knuckles.

JAYNE: What're you buying with your cut?

WHAM! Without warning, Mal strikes Jayne with his chained-up fist.


As she takes off and shoots towards the atmosphere.


Mal stands by the airlock doors as Jayne comes to, realizes he's stuck between the airlock and the ramp.

JAYNE (almost inaudible): The hell are you doing?

Mal goes to the intercom.

MAL: We'll be in space in another minute: or so.

He hits a button and the ramp begins to open.

MAL (cont'd): Figured it was a good time for a: chat. 'Fore it starts getting cold: out there.

JAYNE (via intercom): You out of your gorram mind? Let me: in.

MAL: You called the Feds, didn't you?

With that, the fight goes out of Jayne. He knows he's busted. No use in lying to the captain. A long beat, then Jayne tries to explain himself.

JAYNE: Money was too good to pass up.

MAL: I should've shot you the second I: found out what you did.

JAYNE: That would've been the right thing.

Jayne takes a long moment, looking at the ramp. He really thinks he's going to die here.

JAYNE (cont'd): What are you gonna tell the others?

MAL: About what?

JAYNE: 'Bout why I'm dead.

MAL: Hadn't thought about it.

JAYNE: Do me a favor... (beat, genuine): Make something up. Don't tell them: what I did.

A long beat.

Then Mal hits the controls and the ramp starts to close.

MAL: Next time you decide to stab me in: the back... have the balls to do it: to my face.

With that, Mal goes, leaving Jayne between the ramp and the airlock doors. Jayne doesn't bother calling after Mal; he knows he's lucky to be alive. He simply sits. Someone will come let him out... eventually.


River sits at a table, scribbling on a pad. Simon enters, a hypo kit in hand.

SIMON: Hi. (sees her scribbling): What are you doing?

RIVER: Drawing.

Simon looks at her pad -- she's drawn a very well-rendered sketch of a matryoshka (a nesting doll), each layered doll lined up from big to small.

SIMON: That's really good.

RIVER (re: the hypo kit): What are you doing?

SIMON: Oh, I... brought some medicine. You: remember why we went to the hospital.

River nods.

RIVER: Is it time to go to sleep again?

SIMON: No, mei mei. It's time to wake up.

Off Simon, hopeful...




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